TV: 24 Withdrawals

I’m really missing 24 this season. I’m not much of a TV addict in general, but this show is really one of the best things going. I had to put in the first disk for season 5 last night to get my fix. According to Fox’s website, season 7 doesn’t start until January '09, so I’ve got a while to wait. Good thing I have 5 seasons on DVD to hold me over! Anyone else having a hard time waiting for season 7?

I have never seen a single episode of 24 … I must do penance now.

You don’t know what you’re missing. I suggest you rent season 1 on DVD and start watching. Just make sure you have time to watch the entire season. It’s one of those shows where you finish an episode at 1:00am and you’re like “Well, I can watch one more before I need to go to sleep. I can deal with only 4 hours of sleep tonight…” It’s seriously that addictive.

I’m looking forward to the new season…I may do the same and rent season 5:hmmm:

I think it was supposed to air this year but the writer’s strike screwed things up.

Fox just announced a 2 hour special in the fall to get people ramped up for season 7 (which itself starts in January)!!

I can’t wait; best show on TV.

Jack and Tony are lollygagging on some beach in China.


I am having withdrawals & can’t wait for the two hour preview in November! In the meantime, watch this spoof of what 24 would have been like in 1994. It’s pretty funny!

November? I thought it didn’t start until January. I don’t know that it really matters at this point, since either way it’s at least 6 months away, but it’d be cool for it to start earlier. I just checked the Fox website, and they still have it listed as starting January '09. :shrug:

It does start in January, but there is a 2- hour special or preview that aires in November!

fighting impure thoughts, fighting impure thoughts…

Seriously though, I love this show and can’t wait for it to come back. To tide me over, I will play on the 24 message board until the 2 hour pre-quel.

Hopefully, the writers have used the extra time to make a more solid script - I love the show, and season 5 was amazing, but season 6 was definitely a bit of a letdown.

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