TV: A Haunting

Have you ever seen the Discovery channel show “A Haunting?”

I think this is a great evangelism tool for Non-Christians, Skeptics, and particularly those deceived in the Occult. Although the show is not exactly Christian, in many of the stories, the demonic spirit or spirits can only be dealt with by a Priest or some kind of Christian minister.

For a television program of this nature, it has decent special effects and acting.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you check it out, and encourage others to take a look.

I have some Wiccan acquaintences who were interviewed for a TV show that dealt with “hauntings”…they filmed a ritual to banish the spirit that was “earth bound”.

I used to love waching this! But I’ve been so busy and now I don’t know what time its on.
Edit: just looked at the link and I now know the time :smiley: Thanks

I haven’t seen any episodes that seem to promote occult practices. Sometimes the methods are obscure or not totally clear, but as a general rule, the show points to a Christian framework/understand as to how to remedy the problem. Perhaps I need to see several more episodes to say with greater certainty.

I think it’s on from 2-4pm M-F EST on Discovery.

I used to LOVE this show until I found out how fake and dramitic it really is. It completely turned me off of the show. The funny one that I loved (which also seems fake) was Paranormal State on a&e. Or was it the bio channel? I don’t know but the funny thing is at the end of each episode it’s like the host/creater of the show is always trying to convert them to be Catholics with the St. Benedict necklace and such. It’s great!

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