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Once again there is a new hit TV show dealing with supernatural creatures. In this instance, there are witches, werewolves and vampires living in a gated suburban community together with normal unsuspecting humans. I am curious to hear thoughts about whether or not Catholics ought to be viewing this program. I welcome all opinions, because as a new Catholic, I am trying to get a feel for how other, more mature Catholic formulate their opinions about which TV shows are appropriate for Christian viewing and which aren’t, and why.

One thing that I have noticed about these supernatural creature stories is how it is a perversion of God’s salvation plan for man. We humans have been offered a share in divine life, if we eat of the Body and drink of the Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In short, we humans are to eat the flesh of our God, and we are granted eternal life.
Conversely, in supernatural creature dramas, these gods (immortal creatures with supernatural powers) sustain their eternal life and superhuman strength only by preying upon humankind. So, here the gods eat the humans in order to remain immortal.
Of course, there are many other factors that come into play in determining the appropriateness of the subject matter of a TV show, etc. but this is just something that has been weighing on my mind as I see the proliferation of these kinds of shows.

Your thoughts?

I personally don’t like to watch programs where traditionally “evil” creatures are portrayed as good…like a good vampire, etc.

I see what you mean exactly and I’m not sure what the answer is.

I grew up watching Bewitched, and I don’t remember Samantha being evil. But she seemed to be the one to reign in the mischief that, Endora, Aunt Agatha, Dr. Bombay would cause.

But then the film, Interview with a Vampire, the vampires were all evil, yet we were presented them in a sympathetic way. Even Louis, who seemed the most moral of the group, was evil, he chose “eternal life” but not to be with the Lord. His “eternal life” was to prey the world searching for souls…Sound familiar?

Meh, its just a poor copy of “Being Human”, the BBC program. I suggest you watch that one instead if you get BBC America.

But if not, I cant see a reason not to watch it outside of the obvious moral issues that arise on these programs (promiscuity, homosexual lifestyles, etc.) Take it for a moral lesson and entertainment, just dont take it too seriously.

On the show “being human” they portray these evil characters (vampires, ghosts, werewolves) as definitely traditional evil characters. But the main characters (one of each) fight against the norm and make the CHOICE to not live that way. It actually has a pretty good moral stance that no matter your predilection towards evil (i.e. being a vampire) you can still CHOOSE not to do evil.

Not all shows about these things have the “twilight” error of saying that what we see as evil is simply a misunderstood creature.

I didn’t even give The Gates a chance because it just looks like a typical drama/soap opera show, similar to Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, etc, etc, etc and I just don’t like that kind of show. Didn’t matter that it involved vampires, and the such, that only made it look even less appealing because it looked like it was only “cashing in” on the latest trend. It just looks trashy.

But not every single show I watch has to always reflect my Catholic values, depends upon my mood, if I’m just watching the show or movie just for entertainment then it can be a bit silly and goofy. I like the Twilight movies just for that factor alone. I can also discern when I’ve had enough and turn it off. Its not part of my regular viewing habits. I’m also over the age of 40 and can discern when I need more appropriate material and when I just need to be entertained and turn the brain off for awhile. I enjoy Saturday Night Live for that purpose too. If I was younger, or didn’t have a firm foundation in my Catholic faith, it would be completely different.

Watch Buffy and Angel instead. :thumbsup:

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