TV airing for Islam's story of Christ

TV airing for Islam’s story of Christ
Riazat Butt
Saturday August 18, 2007
The Guardian

There was no manger, Christ is not the Messiah, and the crucifixion never happened. A forthcoming ITV documentary will portray Jesus as Muslims see him.

With the Koran as a main source and drawing on interviews with scholars and historians, the Muslim Jesus explores how Islam honours Christ as a prophet but not as the son of God. According to the Koran the crucifixion was a divine illusion. Instead of dying on the cross, Jesus was rescued by angels and raised to heaven.

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How much longer must we put up with this garbage before we fight back (legally that is) and put these people out of business :mad:

What’s the problem?:confused:

It is called a false and slanderous history. The MSM thinks we should just shut up and take it. Sorry, but that ain’t gonna work any more. We need to hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

It’s an item of religious history – and one that entirely too many people wouldn’t otherwise know about. It is not being misrepresented as what Christians believe about the Christ. The show seems to be taking about the same tack with regard to Christianity that any number of Christian pop histories have taken with regard to Judaism.

Why are you getting so up in arms about it?

Are you saying that we are not allowed to? It is saying:
*]There was no manger
*]Christ is not the Messiah
*]The crucifixion never happened[/LIST]Thus, Christianity is false according to this. It is time we get militant about the slanders against Christianity.

If it is an expression of what Muslims believe, I would welcome it as an opportunity to understand them better. I know I must love my enemy, but first I have to figure out who is and who is not an enemy.

Anyway, it airs in England: if you really want to get your blood flowing watch CNN’s God’ Warriors…

Yeah, and any number of Christian programs have said the following to any Jewish viewers:

*]The Messiah already showed up and you guys missed the boat
*]The Old Law has been done away with, fulfilled in the crucifixion of the Christ (which, by the way, your ancestors did, thanks so very much)
*]You aren’t God’s chosen people any more, we are[/LIST]

And you’re enraged that another religion riffs on your history and traditions? Enraged at the prospect of actually learning about another faith? Instead of getting militant about perceived slights, why don’t you sit down and watch it? You might just learn something about a religion over a billion people follow – and you might learn also about their misperceptions of your faith, and how you might reach across that gap.

What do you have to lose, except your ignorance? What hurt does Christianity suffer by more people knowing what Islam actually teaches?

One suspects they will not follow this with Solomon Rushdie’s views on Mohammad.

This is outrageous! How dare they slander the Son of God in such a way. This is obviously meant as an insult to Christianity. :mad:

Whats next? A movie about that bloodthirsty warlord Mohammed? Pah!

You are suggesting that good Christians actualy indulge in the blasphemous teachings of a bloodthirsty and oppressive culture that seeks to put out the light of Christianity?

I’m with you right up through ‘indulge’. Maybe if you watch it, you might learn that Muslims aren’t all ravening beasts from beyond.

I prefer Robert Spencer’s :smiley:

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