TV: American Idol (Season 7)

Who do you think will win?

I voted for David Cook. He’s got the most polish, the most musicality, and the most creativity that I’ve seen in all the contestants.

I was happy to see Syesha really step it up. My other favorites are Carly, Brooke, and Chickezie.

I agree although I also really like Brook, david Archuleta and Michael.

This year is hard they are all really good.:smiley:

I think David Cook is great, but he’ll go before the end, just like Daughtry did. I don’t think he’ll be the favorite of the American Idol viewers.

I think David Archuleta has a better chance, gettin both the young girl & the Mormon vote… :wink:

My favorite is Brooke.

I like Carley too… although is she actually American? I think it would be odd to have an American Idol who wasn’t American.

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight?

I am thinking it will be Kristy Lee.

I’m thinking possibly Chikezie…

Yep - me too.

His singing is good - just waaaaaaay too old fashioned for Idol.

I also don’t like the way he tends to sass the judges. I guess I might be a little old fashion though.:slight_smile:

Yes, I don’t like that either.

Regarding the judges, isn’t it funny the way they all want to please Simon?

Randy & Paula can say something nice but it’s not until Simon says he liked it that they do a little whoo-hoo dance.

I think he’s right on the money with his comments. I especially didn’t care for David A.'s performance last night. It was cheesy, just like Simon said.

I really like Ramiele Malubay and am voting for her. Brooke White is also pretty good. But I have to say that Chikezee is proably going home tonight but I’m not certain it’s a tough call to make. I didn’t really like the way he sassed the judges either I think that doing that kind of stuff is disrespectful, but that’s just me!:stuck_out_tongue:

I have noticed how they always want to hear from Simon that they did great. I think that shows that he does know something.:slight_smile:

I really like Brooke, I think that she should win although David Cook is by far the best and always gives great performances.

And then there were 9…

This year’s contestants on Idol are pretty good. I like just about everything David Cook has done. I think with his type of voice/sound, we will be hearing his songs on the radio. IMO Jason Castro should be next to go, but he won’t because he has the young girl fans like Justin Guarino had. Both of whom were mediocre to me as singers. Just my:twocents: .

You forgot the option: “We all lose.” :smiley:

SPOILER If you haven’t seen the result show don’t read on.

I was so sad to see that Jason was part of the bottom three. I know that he is not the best but I still really like him.

I was kind of glad to see Chikezie go though.

I’m not sure that David Archuleta is a Mormon. He lives in Utah, but was born in Miami and is of Latin American descent. It’s possible I suppose, but not necessarily so. Brooke White is a Mormon, however.

While I’m here, my favorites are David Archuleta and Carly Smithson. I’m not really a fan of Michael Johns, but I have to admit he did pretty well with “We Are the Champions”.

Personally Carly’s my favorite. I just like her all around.

Now David Cook lives here in Tulsa. Originally from Missouri, but lives here.

I have a friend that frequents the bar he bartends at, & they’re really good friends. So good that he calls her “Mom”.

She’s so pumped :smiley: that he’s on the show. On Super Bowl Sunday she came over with his CD (he recorded it himself-no record contract) & he played all the instruments on it. He is extremely talented.

I like how on the show he stays true to himself. So I would have to say Carly #1, David #2:wink:

According to what I’ve read online, he is Mormon. Someone wrote in a blog that they were in the same “ward.”

David Cook is easily my favorite, followed by Michael Johns. Not a huge David Archuleta fan. He’s got probably the best voice, but he’s just so incredibly boring. I’m just thankful Danny’s no longer on the show.

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