[TV] 'America's Got Talent' - I don't get it

I really don’t like how all the contestants are basically rushed through the show in a fast-paced montage sequence. Is the whole show like that? You see literally a few seconds of performance and then the ‘judges’ talk about the performance, which the viewer at home (of course) didn’t see in its entirety.

What a turn-off. I can’t watch a show that’s seemingly intended for people with such short attention spans. Do they ever show more than just a few seconds? :shrug:

I think what you may have been viewing was the results show. These shows are always like that. I know that several episodes on that show that I have seen included the full length performances of the contestants. I actually liked the show. The one with the full performance show will usually have the host telling you how to vote for each contestant that you like or something like that nature.

I would go ahead and watch the next episode and see how you like it.

Yes, they show more than just a few seconds. Keep watching.

But no one is forcing you to watch. I personally don’t care for America’s Got Talent because I think that all the judges should be Americans. Also, the acts are “Las Vegas” acts, and I’m not really into Las Vegas-style entertainment.

I do like American Idol, depending on who makes it to the Top Ten. This year, I really enjoyed it because I thought all of the Top Ten were talented in their own way, and because the two people that I predicted would win from the very beginning did win!

Yes, they do. Right now during the auditions, there are more people making it through to the next round than they could possibly show in one episode. And of course they have to make room for the train wrecks. :rolleyes:

They usually focus on a few people that they can give you their back story (building up some emotional connection with the viewer) and then showing their performance in its entirety, followed by the judges reactions, followed by their reaction back stage, etc. This leaves even less room for other performances. So then they rely on some montages to give you a glimpse of the other performers and create the impression of “all these people” making it through (or not making it, as the case may be).

It is kind of irritating when they only show five seconds of what looked like it was probably a really cool act only to follow it up with a five minute expose on someone who clearly shouldn’t have made it past the producers. But their first priority is making provocative reality TV. Only secondarily is it about finding talent.

Once it gets past the auditions and into the live performances, these sorts of montages will be over. Between now and then, though, there will still be plenty of full length performances. Of course, the auditions are limited to something like 60 seconds (if that). In later rounds, their time increases so that they can give fuller performances.

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