TV and Movie Recommendations for a 6 year old boy?

My son loves Wild Kratts and Dino Dan and I would like to give him a few other options. Looking for shows that are appropriate for his age and don’t have potty language, disrespect, other mild language (stupid, jerk, etc). Movies too. I’ll add them to our library list.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about Curious George? My daughter goes nuts for that show.

When I was young, I loved watching The Land Before Time. Also, my absolute favorite show as a child was Muppet Treasure Island. It still brings a smile to my face. I’m not sure if either of those fit your criteria - I seem to remember some tar put scenes in The Land Before Time, but that could be my imagination as well.

How about Thomas the Engine? It’s aimed more at the four to six year olds; I think it is from England and runs on the Sprout Channel. :):):slight_smile:

The Adventures of Milo & Otis
Shining Time Station

Thanks for the suggestions. He’s a bit past the Thomas the Tank stage. I’m looking for for things geared to elementary school aged children.

All the Toy Story movies are good.

I recommend the movie My Neighbor Totoro. It’s delightful for both young kids and adults. This is a Japanese animated film with English voices dubbed. There are just two scenes, toward the end, where there is a word in Japanese on the screen and an English translation at the bottom of the screen, someone would need to read this out for a young child who can’t read yet.

Note, this is a movie which you should see on a high-quality television if possible. The backgrounds are really beautiful and you can’t appreciate them on a small TV or one with a blurry picture.

I should mention that there is one scene which some Catholic parents might possibly object to, it reflects traditional Japanese beliefs about spirits. You can find a good discussion of this by Steven Greydanus, the movie reviewer for National Catholic Register -

I will note that he seems to have watched the older dub; Disney put out a version with a new English translation a few years ago, and the way the spirits are presented seems less problematic in this version.

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