Tv and now the world follows

This is a list that makes me angry but happens in every country and it’s on the increase now. Ill list it in point form.

[/LIST] I hate that people lie.
I hate that bcuz u don’t agree with the idea of gays ur told ur discriminating
I hate the fact that a lot of women lie to there husbands and make them raise kids that are not these
I hate the fact ppl cheat
I hate people who judge on appearance
I hate the fact there designing babies
I hate the fact that these racism
I get upset because we ancient Christians in the Middle East a forgotten by society and Christianity is seen as a western religion when it’s not. Not that I have anything against the west it’s the stereotype.

My philosophy on life is anything that comes natural and from god is good. If we read the Old Testament and New Testament we know what god wants. we just need to follow the set of rules and examples he had given. It’s hard I’m weak I have fallen into sin but these always confession.

Sounds like you’re frustrated with the sinful world we live in I bet we can all relate.
I confess with St Paul I can be the worst of sinners.

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