TV: Anyone watch the Eleventh Hour?

It’s a show about a man named Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell) who works with the FBI to help them solve strange crimes of a scientific nature. One of the things that really impress me about it are its strong pro life and moral standings. A few episodes ago was a story involving a group of people stealing and selling stem cell formulas on the black market. During the episode, the topic of adult versus embryonic stem cells came up and Dr. Hood pointed out that scientists have had great success with adult and umbilical stem cells, but someone always dies when embryonic cells are used.

In tonight’s episode, the story involved human cloning. One doctor was going over some of the negative side effects that a cloned human could expect to go through and Dr. Hood pointed out that those reasons were why “ethical scientists” don’t engage in human cloning. Not only does it provide good messages, but the show is very interesting. Kind of a crime/science drama. It’s on at 10:00 pm, Thursday nights in CBS.

Really? No one else watches this show?

Its not on YouTube, so I can’t watch it. Sorry.

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