TV: Barbara Walters, What Is Man? What Is Woman?

Aired tonight (Friday, Nov. 14) on ABC.
I don’t know how many people here would have bothered to tune in, but I was home, it was on, and I wanted to see how Barbara presented the story.
I must say she did a very, very professional job.
She asked all the questions I had, that’s for certain.
And as for the couple, I’m impressed. Uneasy, still, but impressed. A lovely, sincere, couple and what a baby! She was adorable!

Most surprising segment of the show for me was when the couple talked about how the GLBT organizations were pressuring them not to go public because it would set their causes back. Most revealing about the ‘gay agenda’ so many have been denying is taking place here.

Anyway, the show certainly opens up the subject for discussion. I don’t know how it will be resolved but I doubt we’ll ever go back to ‘traditional’ families again, thanks to medical science.

If anyone else saw it, I’d be interested in hearing your reaction.

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