TV: Battlestar Galactica - Marriage with a Cylon

What is the Church’s stance concerning human-cylon unions? Cylons are able to procreate with humans, but is this enough to have a valid sacramental marriage?

Until or unless technology advances to the point of the creation of cylons, perhaps it will be enough to say that for a sacramental marriage to be valid, both parties involved must exist.

Also, the wedding must take place in a Catholic Church. A flight deck won’t do.

Since the human is not Roman Catholic (since all Cylons are monotheists and hence possibly Catholic, and humans are of the Lords of Kobol polytheistic religion, and so cannot be Catholic by definition), then he or she must agree to raise any children Catholic. And if the Catholic party is to get married at either the Lords of Kobol temple or at a Cylon church which is not Catholic, then they must get an exemption from the Catholic bishop who diocese includes deep space.

In all seriousness, a human may not enter into a marriage with anyone but another human of the complementary sex who is free to marry. Cylons are not human and therefore these artificial intelligences do not provide the proper matter to be married, even to each other.(Just like gay marriage)

I think this will be a moot point once the finale comes on this Friday. Clearly the “this has all happened before” means that they will all die and “life” will start again. The question that they better address is does biological life exist or are all the humans really cylons?

I think Starbuck is the child of the 8th new model cylon, Daniel. They brought him up so he must be hugely important. I can’t see how else he fits in.:slight_smile:

Since the show follows a pattern of revealing ultimately that everyone who appeared human is actually a cylon, it’s a moot point. (The pilot rocked, though.)

I’m going to miss BSG when it’s done. I love the show.

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