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Hi everyone;

Just wondering if anyone watches this series on HBO? What do you think? I just started watching it recently…and I’m hooked! The acting is excellent–and the twist on the theme of polygamy is intriguing. Tonight’s a new episode and “Bill,” the main character and his ‘wives,’ are thinking of choosing a fourth wife. I can’t imagine such a lifestyle. :o

Anyways–curious if any of you watch the series and what you think?

I watched a few episodes.

I don’t like the way they’re pretty much all very sneaky and deceptive - not just about their polygamous relationship, but the ‘wives’ to the ‘husband’ and each other, the ‘husband’ in his business practices and so on.

And at the same time the father is supposed to be some sort of ‘prophet’ or something? Gimme a break.

Yes, but I can imagine that in many ‘real life’ polygamy relationships, rivalry, sadness, and deception might really occur. I don’t know any real life polygamists, but I think the portrayal of the characters is definitely edgy. Bill, the main character played by Bill Paxton, doesn’t consider himself a prophet, but the character, Roman, the old man who is the father of Nickie, considers himself to be a prophet. It definitely is creepy, to say the least. I typically gravitate to unusual story lines.

Next, It’ll be “Barn Love”.

lol Maybe. I guess I’m weird in the fact that I find the show entertaining…I think the acting is great, and the plot is bizarre…the lifestyle itself is bizarre, and it seems to run true to form, I would imagine. Not exaggerated. Remember Waco? These crazy things happen, in real life…it’s interesting to watch a show that is so distant from my everyday reality. Again, I tend to enjoy movies that have odd storylines.:o

I’ve watched the first two seasons and the characters seem kind of selfish and inconsiderated. But there is a lot of truth to the situation – I think there is a fair number of men who are being shared by more than one woman. It has to do with the number of men incarcerated and what women will abide.

Watched a bit of the first season and it was an ok show but kinda lost interest when every week it was basically the same thing just redone slightly. Then when I found my 9 y/o DS up at 2am watching a show on HBO I decided to get rid of those channels all together. To be honest I really don’t miss the channels and I get to save some money every month too!:thumbsup:


I LOVE this show. It is funny and interesting and bizarre and the characters are great. I just started watching it but i’ve watched most of it…i only have a few eps of the second season i haven’t seen yet. I really like Margene and Nicolette. They’re my faves. The only thing I don’t like about it is showing sex scenes a lot…but it’s HBO so they think it’s mandatory or something.

I’m also a fan of the show, it’s intriguing.

I’m with ya sister. I got rid of HBO after season two so I’m waiting for Season 3 to be available on Netflix. I’m also hooked on The Girls Next Door, which is kind of the same thing, except more fluffy and less interesting.

I think I’m so fascinated by the show because it takes something that people might fantasize about and puts it in a “realistic” context that provokes thought. I mean, doesn’t it sound intriguing to have ANOTHER partner, completely different than the first, that you still connect with and find happiness? Variety? Excitement? And everybody’s okay with it! Sounds good right? Except … it doesn’t work that way. God made it one man and one woman for a reason, and the fact that humans are jealous beasts is probably a biggie.

In one of my last psychology classes I interviewed a counselor who specifically worked with couples who had open relationships, or polyamory. He said that counseling them is far harder than any standard “closed” relationship, because despite how much they profess that they are “okay with it” and how “open their mind is”, jealousy takes over every time. And it’s harder for them because they don’t know where to place their anger. In a standard relationship if one partner cheats then the other is hurt and angry - clearly the unfaithful one made the mistake and the anger felt is quite justified. But in a relationship where both parties agree that sex outside the marriage is okay, they have no room to get angry when the other person actually goes and does it. They’re upset but know they have no right to be, they’re mad at their partner and feel bad for it, they’re mad at themselves for being hurt - it’s just confusing all around.

Anyway, back to Big Love. Jealousy is a common theme on that show, but like any good show they do it with humor and are even able to gain sympathy from the audience for the characters. When Bill and his first wife “have an affair” with each other (ie spending more time together than she’s allotted) I about wet my pants laughing. Imagine having to lie and be sneaky to spend extra time with your own husband!

If you like that show, check out Breaking Bad. Talk about “holy cow I can’t believe he did that” mixed in with “what would I do in that situation”. That will have your brain clicking for sure!


I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I do like the show in general, but I absolutely hate the characters. Last week’s episode demonstrates why. Every single one of them is dishonest and hiding something from each other. They are all liars and cheats and just generally rotten people. Every show Bill is trying to cheat or lie or plot and decieve someone to get his way. The wives are all cheating and lying to each other. Those rotten compound people are cheating and lying and decieving each other. It makes me feel dirty just watching those people, and I feel bad about myself after watching that show.

And I don’t understand how people who are that rotten and mean and decietful can then go and try to proclaim that they are doing God’s will. They don’t look very happy or healthy, and certainly don’t behave like a loving, believing Christian should. IMO.

It also makes me wonder if people who are really in that kind of lifestyle are like that.

All that being said, I still watch the show no matter how bad it gets.

That should be framed and hung in a public place in each town in America.

I am hooked on Big Love and look forward to it every week. The Anna story line has thrown me for a loop, I thought she was gone but she just keeps hanging around.

Any how, I understand better now how women get caught up in that lifestyle. It’s a culture that brainwashes women into thinking they must submit to their “husband” or “prophet.” it’s all very sad. Very entertaining show though.

Looks like Nikki’s going to cheat!

I think she’s just teasing and flirting with danger.

O dear I’m addicted.

Great writing great acting facinatinig concept.
Nicki you are not going to cheat. You will flirt some though.
Margene, dye your hair girl. That color is awful!!
Anna, find a man for yourself. Not Bill.
Barb, your’e going to be a grandmother. Wow.
The worst part of this show for me is that I relate to Adelaide!!! :eek:

Tonight’s show was particularly interesting to me. I wonder, are the writers/creators trying to show some kind of judgement on this kind of lifestyle? Do they intend to show them so bad and miserable because they don’t agree with it? Or is it based in reality? Either way I get the impression that they are showing this family as so miserable and slimey on purpose. It certainly effects me that way, intended or not.

I don’t really think they particularly mean and nasty. I understand why each of them does what they do…Bill and Nicky were raised on that compound, so of course they havea lot of personal and emotional problems…but I like them anyway. The only thing I can’t understand about nicky tho is why she is taking brith control…that’s awful.

I don’t think she is going to cheat though…but she better stop flirting!

I agree Margene needs to dye her hair back the way it was.

Adelaide…she is definitely a character!! She is one of the most interesting ones. I hope they do more on her character.

Do you think Sara lost the baby??

I think Nicky is taking birth control pills and flirting because she is questioning her religous beliefs. All the stuff that camme out about her forced marriage to an older man is making her question just how holy the fundamentalist principle is. I think she will eventually decide to stay with Bill though.

I don’t think Sarah lost her baby. We already had one story line not go anywhere (Anna) so I think the writers will develop this story line more. Poor Bill, he sure has his hands full.

I didn’t like Margies new hair at first either, but it has grown on me.

I hope the script does not call for Sara to lose the baby. That would be too convenient a plot device.

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