TV: Blue Bloods

Does anyone here watch this show with Tom Selleck? It’s about a family of policemen in New York.

I’ve watched a few episodes and it seems like a nice show. The family always says grace before eating and I think they are catholic although not sure.

I saw a preview of this week’s episode and it seems to address something about the priest abuse scandals. I hope they treat the subject fairly.

The family is definitely Catholic. Several members wear saint medals. I’ve seen them do the sign of the cross at least once.

So far, the show is really good. However, since it’s Hollywood, I’m sure there will be some anti-Catholic bias soon. The typical stuff. Support for homosexual marriage, abortion ,etc. But so far, so good!

I will look for the medals, i hadn’t noticed that. I’m enjoying the series and I encourage others to give it a try

I LOVE this show! I think Tom Selleck is perfect in the part, and love that Donnie Wahlberg (a practicing, came-back-to-the-Church Catholic) is in it, as well.

Would that be actor Mark Wahlber’s brother? I know Mark Wahlburg (formerly known as Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch rap group) returned to the Church not too long ago (married his long-time girlfriend, with whom he has four children, in a Catholic wedding ceremony.)

Yes, indeed, it is. (Donnie Wahlberg, formerly of New Kids on the Block.)

Actually, I think I confused which of the two is the Catholic revert…Mark did, indeed, return. Their family was Swedish/Irish Catholic, from Dorchester, MA, where the other New Kids on the Block also came from (my first neighborhood, too.)

To be honest, I think both brothers have a tremendous amount of acting talent. Donnie was the skinny, strung-out dude in 6th Sense. I’ve liked most everything Markie Mark has done (even some of the cheesy stuff). Didn’t care for his underwear add,though !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, they are both great additions to my “Surprised who was Catholic” question!

I liked your thread sharkey! and I agree they are both quite talented. Remember new episode tomorrow night… :thumbsup:

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