TV: BRain Man

I have already posted links to past episodes of a program called “The Agenda” when it has pertained to Catholicism or religion in general. The following episode is not religious in nature but is interesting enough to share. It’s about a man who has memorized pi to over twenty-two thousand digits. He’s autistic and epileptic, and his father is schizophrenic. He can teach himself a new language in a week.

The first link has video. I’m not sure how long the station will keep the video available, probably only a few more days.
once at this page click the “Brain Man” link.
Once the above link disappears you can still listen to the audio interview.

and finally the documentary, part of the “Mysteries of the Mind” series. again once you get to this page click on Brain Man. You can see from the link when they brought him to Vegas. Enjoy the show.

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