TV: "Carrier" on PBS

Our son is in the Navy, so we’re glued to the TV :p.

He’s not assigned to a carrier, but he did spend a week on one last fall.

At first I thought you meant “Richard Carrier” of Internet Infidels. I said, oh he must be debating someone on PBS. That’s nice. Sorry I read the skeptics too much. Then I saw your first sentence…

<< Our son is in the Navy, so we’re glued to the TV >>

Then I said to himself, oh this must be the parents of Richard Carrier. Hee hee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I don’t watch too much TV except for the creation-evolution-ID specials on PBS/Discovery/History channels. But I understand Carriers are very large boats that carry planes. :thumbsup:

Phil P

I’m sorry I missed the first two episodes, but apparently it is possible to watch the entire series online.

I heard good things on the radio about this show. I guess it focuses on the enlisted crew, particularly people whose jobs you rarely hear about.

The film crew spent 6 months aboard the Nimitz which enabled them to win the trust of the people they filmed.

I spent two years on the USS Kitty Hawk many years ago as a naval officer. It’s fun ship and i have a lot of memories there. We were busy like heck. I miss the afterburner of the F14s as it got ready to launch off the deck. F14’s afterburner would light up the whole sky.

My DH has been watching it, and I’ve caught snippets here and there. My DH said he was disappointed in it… he thought it was going to be different.

My guess is that he thought it was going to be more about the technical, professional side of the job, but the bits I’ve caught seemed like it was more of a “Real World” type show taking place on a carrier?

I’ve really enjoyed the parts I’ve seen, I just think my DH was expecting something different. :shrug:

I’ve been watching, and I’m fascinated by it.

This series has been running on weekends on PBS. It just made me very proud of our young people in the Navy. One of a number of executive producers is Mel Gibson.

My son thought it also has to do with the producers of Lord of the Rings because of WETA but I think it is just the PBS station??

I’ve been watching it when I can . They are amazing men and women . Great series.

Duplicate thread so I’ve ask the moderator to link it to the other thread.

I watched ever show and I found myself crying at some parts. I’m glad I went into the Air Force. God bless all of them. :thumbsup:

My Dad told me about this show. He was in the Navy back in the 50’s and really enjoys watching it. I haven’t seen it myself, though.

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