TV: Corner Gas

Any fans of this show? It is quickly becoming my favorite comedy. There’s no profanity and I’ve seen nothing objectionable in the year or so I’ve watched it (i.e, no fornicating, Christian bashing, etc.). Just a bunch of inane goings on in a small rural Saskatchewan town. It’s hilarious. ( I also love the opening and closing songs, and the fact that the creator and star’s name is Brent Butt, and he didn’t change it!).

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Proud to be Canadian! :thumbsup: And a fan of Corner Gas, too.

I love this show, too. My husband thinks it’s moronic, but I say it’s the best thing on after midnight.

Unfortunately I can’t keep myself awake to watch it these days. Pregnancy and exhaustion go hand in hand.

Corner Gas renewed my faith in Canadian TV.

Davis the cop is my fave character. He seems to have the fewest objectionable/annoying quirks. He’s actually kind of lovable, more so than the others.

As one of the few pieces of trivia I know about the show: The role of Oscar Leroy was originally written for Billy Van (The Party Game, Hilarious House of Frightenstein) but unfortunately he passed away.

been hooked on this show since I lived in Canada a couple years ago. It is about as good and wholesome as TV gets these days and very funny to boot. Favorite character would have to be Oscar. Glad to hear it is finally catching on in the states.

The same Billy Van of Bits and Bytes fame?

Where’s Luba Goy? :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, I know where she is…)

Yes, that Billy Van. I’d forgotten about that show.

Why Luba Goy?

Yep, it’s definitely one of my favs :slight_smile:
There is the occasional a-…, and there’s Oscar’s favourite word, but it’s otherwise squeaky clean :wink: and super funny…Perhaps that’s why I can’t see Luba Goy in Emma’s role…

I got addicted to CG since I accidentally watched the first episode on TV… I have all the DVDs :o but I think the later seasons lost most of their plausibility in plots. Still good, but obviously running out of ideas. I like all the cultural references, like the 'Littlest Hobo" and making fun of Toronto (unfortunately now I live there!) Friends of DH and mine are moving to Saskatoon, so one day we want to go see them and cruise by “Dog River” :slight_smile:

Little Mosque on the Prairie is very similar and also good!:thumbsup:

Since I’m in the U.S., I have no idea who Billy Van or Luba Goy are, and I’ve never heard of those other shows (the only other Canadian t.v. I’m familiar w/ is the kids programming that gets on Disney and Nick Jr. & Noggin).

How long has the show been around, anyway? Most of the episodes I’ve seen seem to be from a couple years ago. The newest one was the other night and was from 2007. I was panicking until the end, as it seemed that Emma had been elected mayor, Davis was fired and shipped to another small town, Corner Gas was sold and Brent retired, and Lacy sold the Ruby and moved back to Toronto. Turns out it was all in Hank’s head. I was sure it was the last episode!

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The episode you mention was the conclusion to Season 4. My roommate and I were watching in indignant shock until Hank came out of his imaginings! :slight_smile: The first season was 2003. The upcoming year (08-09) is the end of the series.

She was also in Bits and Bytes. She’s now a comedian on the CBC.

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