TV: Corner Gas

Has anyone else gotten into this show recently? It’s a Canadian show that recently started airing in the States. It’s hillarious and very clean, fun, family humor. We can’t get enough over here :smiley:

They actually show Canadian TV down there??? Wow, never thought that would happen. Most of our “original programming” is plain awful. But Corner Gas is one of the good ones. I haven’t watched it in awhile but of all the episodes I’ve seen there hasn’t been one yet I haven’t liked. And it takes place just one province over from me and shows the small town life pretty accurately :p**

Love Corner Gas. I’ve got the first 4 seasons on DVD and have watched each episode at least twice. I love the episode where they go to the “Grey Cup” football game and the one where they are trying to build the ‘biggest’ something.

We’ve had Corner Gas here for a while - not that I’ve seen much of it, what I have seen I liked.


I hear this will be the last season, but happily we Americans have only got the first couple so far. Looking forward to many happy times.

God Bless Brent Butt!

In other forums that I frequent, for my hometown, I put Dog River. :smiley:

Good thing because if you put Woolerton we’d all have to spit.


That’s funny :smiley:

I actually started a Corner Gas thread a few weeks (couple months? who knows, time flies when you’re pregnant :shrug: ) ago in this very forum!. It’s probably pretty well buried by now, though. I’m sad that it’s the last season. I need to get the dvd’s, as I just recently discovered it, as well, and haven’t seen the earliest episodes.

It still cracks me up that the creator’s name is Brent BUTT, and w/ two T’s!

Oh, and does anyone know if the the show has a soundtrack? I love the opening and closing songs.

In Christ,


I think its so cool that Brent and Nancy [she plays Wanda] are married in real life. Bet they have some great conversations…

IIRC, Brent has some East Coast ancestry, where “Butt” is not an uncommon name (I personally know three, all unrelated). It comes from English, and means “a stump”.

On a side note, one of my best friends has the last name “Dÿke”, without the umlaut.

Lotsa Butts in this province. :smiley: I don’t think I’d ever met anyone with that name until I came to NL.

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