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I'm a big fan of the show. I see an underlying "appreciation" of Catholic values is pretty consistent. Even in the show that dealt with a priest whose "exorcisms" resulted in death, I thought that show was going to go south, but took a surprising turn at the end where the BAU used the authority of the Vatican to deal with the offender.

Am I seeing things, or does anyone else appreciate the show?


It's a fun show to watch, but I hardly think I see an appreciation of "Catholic values." If anything, it seems that the characters in the show are, at best, agnostic. To the extent the show reflects moral values, I think it tries to show general human decency.


I would say that… You are being too easily offended. Really. You are.

There ARE people out there who use religion in some twisted attempt to justify their actions.
These people exist in every religion. And including something of that nature in a show is not “bashing the Catholic church”

Really. It isn’t.

From the introduction of the first episode, I was hooked! I especially enjoy the quotes and comments at the opening and closing of each episode. Of course, the plot and characters are what make it work. I’m not a “TV watcher.” This is the only show I watch faithfully. Other than this, I watch the news or rent a movie. “Criminal Minds” is what I look forward to on Wednesday nights. The suspense, the variety of characters, the humor - what a nice mix. Pantikin is such a father figure for the cast. Matthew Gray Gubler as the resident genius Dr. Reid is a hoot! The women are gorgeous. Shemur Moore makes a sexy Derek

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