TV: Crossing the Goal

Anyone seen this on EWTN? It’s a new show aimed specifically at men, trying to encourage guys to step up and reach for greatness. I caught it a couple days ago and was impressed, much better than i was expecting it to be. Also one neat thing is that if you don’t have EWTN or you missed an episode you can go to their website and watch it there (it requires a plug-in to view the video, but it only took me a minute or so to install it).

Edit: i forgot to mention that when watching the video they have commercial breaks where the screen goes blank for about a minute, so just drag the red indicator ahead 60 seconds or thereabouts.

Wow. I’m not a sports person, and my family doesn’t follow it either, but I grew up watching ABCs Wide World of Sports and I do watch NFL Superbowl games enough to recognize the format being used here.

From my perspective, I think EWTN produced a winner with this but I’m more interested with the reaction of the men of this forum. I do hope they’ll take the time to see that first episode and share their comments here.

I definitely see a market with men’s groups in various parishes. What a great way to stimulate conversation! It may even help bring attendance up for such sessions. If the men in your parish were invited to an open house type session where this episode was shown (either through TIVO, VCR or computer) do you think they’d be inclined to return for future meetings or not?

Do you guys think this might help high school kids?

Those are great questions. I was actually looking at the message board on the Crossing the Goal site (called Ask the Team) and one person wrote that he watched the show at a local sports bar with 12 guys and they all loved it. So i think showing it to groups is an excellent idea.

To be honest, when i first heard about the show i thought it was going to be really cheesy. I envisioned the coach up at a chalkboard making his points, illustrating his “game plan” on there much like a coach diagramming plays. Something cheesy like that. But no, it was really well done. I’m not easily impressed but i am impressed by the first episode. And it’s awesome that they have it up on the website for everyone to see, not just those who have EWTN.

I have watched a program on EWTN a couple of times that is set up like a sports show but it is a Catholic man’s show. It is very good! the problem is is that I don’t know the name of it, so I am having a hard time finding it listed on the schedule. Does anybody know? Thank you!

Found it!

Check it out, it is awesome!

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