TV: D.L. Hughley Breaks the News

Unfortunately, it seems that even CNN has fallen victim to the spread of the crass and the vulgar. I can’t understand why an intelligent, well-spoken man like Larry King would even introduce such a show but here it is.

I listened as Mr. Hughley tried, but failed, to deliver laughs. Instead, he used a gentler vulgarity than Bill Maher but is clearly headed in a similar direction. What’s happened? Do even major news outlets think that talking like some vulgar, ‘reglar’ guy will get them viewers? That a sober, civil telling of the news, with some wit and genuine humor, is passe? That journalism has reached a peak and the only direction to go is down, like Mr. Maher who revels in talking about immorality and sprinkling profanity among his mostly leftist liberal talk?

It appears to be the case. So, I reccomend avoiding this show. It’s a bad example of bad behavior by an adult. Neither kids or adults should watch it. I recommend sending an e-mail to CNN in protest for going in a negative direction.


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