TV: "Dinner Impossible"

I am absolutely hooked on this show. For those who aren’t aware of it, or know what it’s about, the premise behind Dinner Impossible is that this chef, Chef Robert Irvine is asked to create gourmet meals for big and sometimes not so big events.

Some of his challenges have included:

  • A dinner for all the kids and families involved in the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee (having to use foods from each letter in the alphabet)

  • Catering for the Governor of Pennsylvania’s Inaugural Ball

  • Having to create a gourmet ballpark meal using only ballpark foods to serve 200 people by the 7th inning stretch of a baseball game

He’s had numerous other unique challenges as well over the course of the show. In each, Chef Irvine has a certain time limit he has to complete each challenge in, usually 7 or 8 hours, maybe more or less depending on the challenge. It’s shown in real time too, so it’s not edited or faked in any way as far as I can tell.

It’s definitely one of the most unique reality shows I’ve seen, and the most real of them all by far. Anyone else watch this?

My favorite was the Williamsburg epsiode where he had to cook something like a 7 course meal using only ingredients, equipment, and tools available to Colonial Americans.

They even made him and his crew the outfits typical of the time!

It’s a great show! :slight_smile:

The baseball one is one of the ones I like best. That has to be the toughest challenge he’s faced so far.

I thought the episode where he had to make dinner for about 70guests staying in the hotel made entirely of ice was interesting.

Yeah that was quite different to say the very least. I don’t know how he does it sometimes though lol, there have been several episodes where I thought for sure he’d fail, and somehow he pulls it off.

Doesn’t he have just incredible organizational skills?! Everytime he is given his mission he goes right into what that menu will be, how he is going to cook the food, where he’s going to FIND the food!..etc. It’s just amazing to watch.

Yeah it is, I’m just amazed at how he’s able to overcome mishaps, like losing the tray of donuts last week, or the rain this week, and still complete the mission.

we are fans here watch it when we can on wed nites


Remember the camp episode? Where he faced off with Guy Fietti? I was in the grocery store they shopped in (Wegman’s).
I totally stalked them. BTW- Irvine is TALL! and HOTT!

Lucky lol, did you get a chance to talk to either one of them?

No. They were kinda busy- but them wrestlin’ in the aisle was entertaining.


Lucky you! I love that show.

That’s one of my fave eps as well. The kids were a riot: “Everything YOU made came out of a box!”

I like the show…I happened on to it by chance and since it look interesting I watched it…now I try to watch it often…I saw the one with Guy …I liked that one…another fav was the one in Mississippi where they were raising money for the Katrina evacuee to come home…:thumbsup:

This show lost me as a viewer when EVERY single time it came off. That is not real, there have to be some times when the thing messes up.

If they change the title to “Dinner Difficult but always Possible” it would be more accurate.

I’ve seen it fail 4 or 5 times.

I saw this one–it was great. I can hardly figure out what to make with normal utensils…I would be lost on that show! He is really an incredible chef!

Here’s a true Dinner Impossible:

Airdropping Chef Irvine to wherever Bear Grylls is slogging around in the wilderness, with no equipment, and having him make a palatable dinner out of grubs and tree bark.


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