TV: Eli Stone

I read in the paper that the new show Eli Stone will be airing an episode in which the fictionalized attorney Stone takes on the Catholic church by sueing them for granting an anullment. Expect the usual misrepresentations and liberal secular propaganda being put forth in this particular episode…when will they ever stop?

um, maybe we ought to wait and see.

Anyone watch this show after Lost on thursday? I found it to be interesting, but not because of the show or the plot. I found it interesting because it was a show about spirituality. It seems that at least once a year the media throws us one of these tv shows about spirituality and feeling good and doing good things. I think that there is definitely a demand for shows about spirituality, and morality, and doing good. But what I found interesting about this show was that it was about spiritual things, but yet drew us away from Christian spiritual things. The main character goes to a chinese mystic for accupunture help and advice. The main character denies belief in God. He goes to Tibet to climb a mountain to spread his father’s ashes. The whole show has a very ‘new-agey’ feel to it. And in the end, everything works out just fine and everyone is happy with a nice feel-good ending.

It occurs to me that the media wants to give us spiritual type shows, but it does not want to give us anything that would promote Christian beliefs. That it’s okay to be touchy-feely with your emotions, and to see higher purpose and to do good, as long as we don’t bring in Christianity to the issue. And it’s okay to do these new-agey things as long as we’re being ‘spiritual’ and happy.

Maybe I’m overreacting to this, but I found this show to be very fake and agenda-driven. These are the little things the media does to push us to believe in their beliefs, to push their version of spirituality, and to make everyone think it’s all okay as long as we all feel good in the end.

I think people do want shows about spirituality and morality and higher purpose, but I wish the media wouldn’t push their '‘fuzzy spiritual’ agenda with these shows. Give us real meaty God based shows about true spirituality, imo. Not these relativistic feel good falsehoods.


It is agenda driven. The whole portion on autism is specious and not consistent with the empirical evidence. A preview of future shows indicates that the Eli Stone character takes on the Catholic church on the question of anullment. I’m going to take a pass on this show.

Eli Stone - Has anybody watched this new show on TV? I try to avoid most everything but EWTN but I have to admit I kind of like this one. I was trying to find a Catholic review somewhere but so far I have come up empty. The premise is that Eli has been having visions (which turns out to be caused by some type of brain aneurysm). As an attorney, the visions lead him to take cases of people who are in desperate need of his services. But now they are calling him a “prophet” and every time he starts to have one of these visions, the song “You Gotta Have Faith” starts to play in his head - and George Michael appears in person singing away! Ah well, what does everyone else think? Most things on TV nowadays are either so anti-religion, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian…is this too good to be true?

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