TV: Find My Family

Did anyone catch this show on ABC last night? I caught the tail end of it. The basic premise of the show is that it reunites people who have been adopted with their birth family. It seems like it has the potential to help out the pro-life movement with it's very pro-adoption premise.

The episode on last night (I think it was the first episode) reunited a 29 yo woman with her birth parents who gave her up for adoption because they were just 16 when they had her (though they eventually married each other and have been married ever since). When you think about their situation, you realize they could easily have chosen abortion. And yet the happy reunion shows how great it was that they chose life for their daughter.

Perhaps the show will have problematic components eventually. :shrug: But for now it seems like a refreshingly positive program.

I watched the whole thing and I thought exactly that - a wonderful show to demonstrate a pro-life position and how the consequences of a different "choice" would have had a totally different outcome.

I agree - they could come up with something questionable in the future, but based on this first show I think it has great potential to be a shining example for choosing life!!!

Oh - and it is a tear jerker!! So beware!! :bighanky:



My wife watched some or all of that and was excited because it took place in our neck of the woods.

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