TV: Flip This House

I have come to like this show, the hour version on A&E. I got hooked last summer with the guy from San Antonio and the people from South Carolina. I think it’s interesting to see what they do to these houses.

I was doing some searching online a few weeks ago and found out some interesting stuff about the guy from San Antonio. And the show in general.

A lot of the houses that the show claimed to have been sold weren’t sold. Armando in SA is in default of many of his loans. And he has concentrated on selling his house flipping ‘program’ instead of really flipping houses. There have been accusations that a lot of the stuff on the show, including sales and showings, were faked with actors. And then one of the crews in Atlanta was arrested for fraud.

It kinda disappointed me. I like this show, although I kinda suspected a lot of it was unrealistic. I’m still watching but I can’t help but wonder what’s fake and what’s real now.

there are two programs with similar names, Flip this House, and Flip That House (the latter on TLC) so don’t know which one you are referring to, but before publishing such specific allegations against known individuals I would suggest a source or link, not unsubstantiated claims.

I won’t watch the one that is an hour long. The first season I loved it, but the second season it ditched the company that was on it previously. I didn’t like that, so I stopped watching it.

Well, since I said

the hour version on A&E

and the title of the thread is “Flip This House”, not “Flip That House”, I think it’s pretty clear I’m talking about the hour long version on A&E called “Flip This House.” In fact, I’m not sure it could be any clearer.

Here’s my sources and links: Lookie


Still more

well I didn’t know which was which so excuse me. I have watched both and enjoy them, they are reality TV which by definition is not real, but a scripted made-for-TV production, so it would not bother or surprise me at all to find either one is scripted and made-up and does not depict real events.

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