TV: 'Ghost Hunters' - who watched?

What do you think they’re capturing on audio and film? :smiley:

Who knows?

I just keep hoping that something eats Brian…:smiley:

I watch it… I guess GHI ate Brian. lol
:slight_smile: DUDE RUN… haha

I like the show for entertainment purposes. I don’t think that they’ve convinced anyone either way about ghosts. If you don’t believe in ghosts then you are going to think that the evidence has been tampered with.:shrug:

It is a fun show though, isn’t it?

I get people’s names confused often. Is Brian the one who is afraid of planes and spiders?

nah. .thats Steve.
He has a fear of all insects exspecially spiders,also planes, dolls, umm. cobwebs, dead spiders, not wearing a hat…but he’s brave going first into some creepy building with a scarry story behind it. lol

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