TV: Heroes-Season 3

Okay so the new season has started so what does everyone think of the new season???

I like the future Peter rather than the wimpy present Peter. Even though he make a colossal blunder of trying to undo the past. Hello? How about talking to your brother. All those powers and common sense escapes him.

I disagree with Sylar. They (self healers) can be killed. Adam said so last season. “Lose your head and its all over.” Basic Highlander idea.

My favorite character is still Hero. Love his sword.

It was really good. Intense.

It certainly put to rest the “Sylar the brain-eater” hypothesis. (“Eat your brain?..Claire, that’s disgusting!”) :wink:

I liked it. Although being an avid comic book reader, some of the concepts introduced are not original because I’ve seen them done (like Mohinder gaining powers). A lot of stuff was stuffed into me just from the first episode. :smiley:

Overall, I like it. I just can’t not like it even if it had a weak story. I just like superpowers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked the storyline. Cool about Peter.

BTW, I don’t think that was just Sylar’s opinion, I think he had some kind of insight by looking at her brain or else some knowledge from before.

As for the moral implications though, I can only say that I am…

What exactly possessed the writers to throw in as much gratuitous sex and violence as possible? Probably an over-eagerness to make the premiere start with a bang. In the end it just seemed very transparent, like the writers are willing to do anything to get people to watch. Not that they need to. The story and show have been excellent from the beginning, and now they think they need to “ramp it up” with deplorable imagery? I think not. The story is still there, but I’m afraid the ultra-violence has lost my viewer status. No more open brains, pools of blood, severed heads, calloused sex, and burning corpses for me, I’m afraid.

There’s also the issue with Nathan’s experience with God, which I fear subtly mocks everything we believe in. It’s quickly revealed as nothing more than a plot doormat–in comes Mr. Linderman and we’re supposed to wipe our feet all over it. It’s clear this is the case, as the show’s portrayal of Nathan as a “holy man” quite misses the definition of holiness. As long as we see him praying on his knees then we can dismiss his hateful words and indifference to his past prostitute hiring?

This is ridiculous and I am none too pleased with the direction Heroes is taking in regards to what is acceptable viewing. This immorality is simply not acceptable or even necessary! One of my favorite examples to use is Batman: The Dark Knight. Excellent movie. What did they do when the Joker needed to kill someone to advance the story? They simply show the knife touching the guy’s face and then the camera switches away. Nothing gratuitous about what we see, and yet we fully understand the gravity of how cruel this character is. It remains this way the whole movie. And just for kicks, let’s look at the movie’s box office results, even though we know something without, well, open brains, pools of blood, severed heads, calloused sex, and burning corpses, couldn’t have possibly taken in any sizable amount of money… Well look at that! The biggest box office hit in history, you say? Who’d have guessed? :shrug:

No more Heroes for me.

And I do NOT mean the M-rated game.

I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning, so I could hardly wait for the premier and was excited about seeing it. I heard a few spoilers ahead of time, so I knew about future Peter and some other plot points but I still enjoyed it, though there was a lot to take in at one time. And I agree it was a bit gratuitous with violence and sex, looking back at it, but I tried to focus the overall story and kind of have become jaded to the fact that it’s par for the course with TV nowadays. Not that it’s all right, but as an adult with no children, I guess I don’t let it bother me as much.

I suppose they may be trying to gain back some viewers that may have been lost because of the prolonged hiatus between seasons due the writer's strike last year. It has been about nine months since a new episode after all. As this season continues, hopefully it will tone done the gore and sexual content a bit. But the storyline does look intense so far.

I don’t think if they loose their head, it’s all over. I mean if their head is reunited (in heroes, not Highlander), wouldn’t it just reattach itself??? just like her scalp did! And, what did Sylar do with all those brains if he didn’t eat them? :confused: It’s disgusting, but they were missing…

And Hiro is awesome! But my fave character is Peter, even non-future Peter.

That was my theory on the “losing their heads” as well. Plus, one could make the argument that Adam was not speaking from personal experience else he wouldn’t be speaking at all. :wink: Sylar, on the other hand, got to check out the inner workings of Claire’s brain and can thus make a more educated hypothesis.

I never bought into the brain-eating theory. Sylar was a watch-maker. He liked to take things apart and see how they work. I figured that was what he was doing with people’s brains: taking a look at how they worked. As for why the brains are missing, I guess that’s a mystery. Maybe he kept hem. Maybe he pitched them later on.:shrug:

The writers didn’t know which way they wanted to go on the brain eating thing during Season 2. I think this (Clare’s skull cap removal) was to settle the issue.

As far as all the sex and violence, this has been my peeve during Season 1 and some of Season 2. It has become a staple of the series, like it or not. I agree with you, it isn’t needed. A good movie or television show is made by the story and not the special effects.

Oh, and by the way, I guess we met Nicky’s twin sister.

TRIPLET sister! There were 3 of them. Nikki, Tracey, and the third… He said her name (it was NOT Jessica) but I forget.

Did you all notice how the writers/producers are setting up the elimination of Peter. The hero becomes the monster and the monster becomes the hero. I know that most of the viewers like the Sylar character, so I guess they won’t let him go. I just think its lame that Peter’s mom has sympathy for Sylar but condemnation for Peter. I know its early, but I think Peter will be eliminated from the story this season or next.

I am a fan of Heroes and I approve this message.

I will be so very heart broken if they eliminate Peter! I would probably cry :crying: 'Course I have a bad habit of crying when beloved characters die (like Charlie from Lost)

i love the partnership of HRG and sylar. too bad HRG has a hidden agenda so i don’t think that will last. but i love their chemistry :thumbsup:

Heroes and Lost are the only shows I watch. I was very disappointed that the season premiere was as gratuitous and dark as it was, but I don’t find it problematic. At least, not yet. It’s a good show, but not worth losing my everlasting soul over. Here are some of my thoughts based on what y’all have mentioned…

So, Sylar doesn’t eat brains, but he takes pieces of them… Wonder why he would take Claire’s ability to feel pain?

Very annoyed by Mohinder – he has always been annoying, but now that he is like “The Fly” he is just going to bug me even more… (pun totally intended)

Even though she is still a small character, I appreciate that Mya seems to be the voice of reason. Not a real loud voice, but she was right to be concerned about spreading her evil and trying to get Mohinder to eliminate her power rather than spread it.

I still can’t figure out how being quadruplets makes you a super. What happened to her super-strength? Is Nikki/Jessica/Tracy/Gina’s real power that she can be in many places at one time? I cannot stand this character – she is worthless to the story as far as I am concerned – but I’d still like to know why they include her. Maybe y’all have insight to help me appreciate her.

My favorite character is Mr. Bennett. I think he is one of the greatest characters of all time, especially because he has no powers. Claire is wonderful, and I’d love to see West again. Hiro and Ando are such a great team, and I am glad they gave Hiro a nemesis – she seems like she’ll be fun. Lightning girl isn’t too interesting yet, but I’m curious to see how she adds to the story now that Angela has fired her from the company. Lots of questions. I am glad the show is finally back!

BTW, I cried when Charlie was killed off Lost too. I will be sad if Peter is axed. Especially if it happens literally… :slight_smile:

You know, I feel exactly the same way. I can’t figure it out either. She must be popular with many of the fans or else they wouldn’t keep her on. But I just don’t get it. :shrug:

Well, I don’t think the super power is to be in different places. Nikki is dead, from what I can tell. She died in that fire. My friend suggested that maybe Jessica was just a different personality and Nikki believed her to be her real sister shrug. Haven’t met Gina yet. I really think they are all different people (except for Jessica), not one person being in lots of places. The doctor said he “created them”, and there were three of them. Not FOUR of them. That’s what sent off alarms to me, then what about Jessica???

My guess is - from a marketing perspective - because most of the viewers are male. And most of the cast members are male. So the few female heroes are important to the producers. The more attractive, the better. If you notice, the female heroes have different types of physical beauty, to attract different types of fan boys :rolleyes: But that’s just my guess.

And I find Mohinder attractive but, come on, he’s pretty annoying :smiley:

Yep me too!

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