TV: Heroes Season 4

Is anyone here going to watch the 4th season of Heroes? I know the last season was kind of hit or miss, but I actually enjoyed it.

Having watched the first three seasons on Netflix this summer, I may watch it this fall. I’m not sure on both the times of the show and on how the theme is progressing.

I have been following the show from the beginning, so I will be watching the upcoming season 4 starting next Monday, Sept. 21. It begins with Volume 5, titled “Redemption.”

Who do you think they’ll kill off this season? My guess is Hero.

Seems like you’re right. Darn. And he’s one of my favorites, next to Peter Petrelli.

Nope. I think it was “miss.” Everything I liked about “Heroes” is showing up on the new show “Flash Forward.”

Yes! But I didn’t know the third season was out on DVD. I am putting it on my Netflix!!!

eh last season was pretty bad, although it got better toward the end.
this season seems kind of disappointing so far…and what’s the deal with Peter’s powers!? i wish they would just decide what he can do lol. They’re obviously running out of abilities, as evidenced by the super-speed dude (repeated power) and the tattoo girl (just plain stupid). And i love how quickly Matt got over Daphne. Remarkable.

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