TV: High School Confidential

Tonight I happened upon High School Confidental on WE (cable/satilite station). It caught my attention because the girl they were profiling was Catholic.

There was one scene that really concerned me. Her 15 yr old younger sister got pregnant. Her sister told her then she told her father, with her sister present, that her sister was pregnant. It the goes on to say that her father took her sister to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. It then cut to a scene of a Planned Parenthood office. Then they went back to the girls and father discussing how they broke the news to their mother.

Later in the show the family is talking about how abortion was out of the question and the reason they choose adoption over keeping the baby.

I wonder if the father actually took his daughter to Planned Parenthood, if they knew before the airing that there would be a cut scene to Planned Parenthood or if they are sitting in their living room in shock (or maybe not) over the fast one the producers pulled on them?

I pray that the father did not take his daughter to Planned Parenthood and that they are taking action to make sure cut scene is removed.

I did not see the show.

Even though they showed Planned Parenthood, I still like the idea that they decided against abortion. That is a positive message. Who knows whether they actually went there. TV must be dramatized so I think the producers wanted to build-up the suspense by showing the building so that people would think she killed her child. I also like the idea that they had a discussion about adoption. So many yound women forget that this is an option for them.

On a side note, I happen upon a PP myspace page. They felt a strong need after Juno (the movie) aired to say that the stars of Juno still support PP. If they are so pro-choice, or whatever, why is it that when a movie potrays a girl making a choice to have the baby, they feel a strong need to somehow take it personally. Like, having the baby in a movie is a personal attack at them because abortion was not potrayed in the “right” light. It really made me angry and I did not see the movie for a long time… which I later decided to be silly. The movie still has a very strong message about life and I am glad my money went to something that shed a light on adoption being an option for women, especiall unwed young mothers.

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