TV: Hot In Cleveland

I just caught this show on TVLAND, what a hoot!
God bless Betty White, She steals the show!
At 90 years old and can still deliver edgy, funny lines without missing a beat!:slight_smile:

In her later years she seems to be even funnier. Loved her Snickers commercial and just loved her on the Mother’s Day edition of SNL.

I enjoy this show, althought sometimes I think it tries too hard.

That could be true, but many shows in the beginning try too hard until they establish themselves, Golden Girls is a great example, the first season is okay, but it isn’t till the second season onward does it find itself and become funny without even trying, so it seems.

The first season on Friends was definetly overplayed but much better by season II. My favorite show The Big Bang Theory’s first few episodes was somewhat over the top for me but has settled into itself beautifully and now I love it.
Hope Jim Parsons wins the Emmy this year. He deserved it last year but it was given to Alec Baldwin.
Jim Parsons is as good as David Hyde Pierce ever was, and he was excellent.
Betty White is hilarious! I like her so much better in her old age.

I love Big Bang too! Jim Parsons is awesome… Dear Betty…yes, she is better in her old age!
Did you see her on SNL? It was one of their best shows in a long time!

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