[TV] "House" season finale *spoiler*

Is it just me, or was that car-through-the-house finale stolen from the HBO show “Entourage”? And was the beach a hallucination, or was it the car wreck? Could Taub be any more stupid? And what was the closing song? I know I’ve heard it before and probably downloaded it, too, but the song title and artist escapes me.

I don’t know if the scene was stolen from an HBO show or not. But I think the whole thing could have been done differently. In the first part, I thought that House had either killed or injured someone badly, maybe Cuddy’s daughter.

But at the end, he seemed to be almost a psychopath! Don’t know if the beach is a hallucination or not, am thinking though that it isn’t. But, it’s possible both that and the car wreck is a hallucination. The car wreck however would give Cuddy the perfect reason to leave the hospital as she’s not returning for next season.

And Taub was stupid. Just hope that the nurse that got preg won’t abort the baby now, or maybe he will try pressuring her to now that his wife is pregnant.

I hate House. :mad:

I hate that the show is so darned pro-Abortion (there has been at least twice that House counseled someone that the best choice was to abort their unborn baby, and they did it… and it was NOT some ‘only option’ either) :mad::mad:

I hate that I I watch this show, even looking for reruns on cable channels.

I didn’t see all of the episode, but the car through the house was very predictable. Silly, even.

As for Taub, he’s been stupid since he was leaving his wife. :frowning:

But I have to admit that this television show is one of my guilty pleasures :blush:

It seems to me that the entire show has been going down hill lately. I can’t really put a finger on why though.

Anyways it seems that… SPOILER

the actor who plays Cuddy has not signed on for the next (and likely last) season. It looks like driving through Cuddy’s window will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Furthermore the actor who plays Wilson is also expected to have a decreased role in the next season. Too bad, I’ve always liked Wilson.

House is still on?

I feel guilty watching some of them too, and have actually turned episodes off when they seem to be dealing with some thing like abortion in a bad manner. Also I think trying to stir up sympathy for euthanasia due to 13"s with her brother, and glad she ended up in prison for it.

The only “decent” person in the cast I think is Wilson, and he tries to be House’s conscience, but it doesn’t always work. House is so cynical and self-centered that he’s getting to be more obnoxious instead of less, and he’s on the drugs again.

No one can save him except himself, and he doesn’t seem to want to do that or admit God’s existence. Ashamed that I even watch it.

I quit watching the show a year ago - and I used to love it. It got to be so anti Catholic or anything moral that I couldn’t stand it. Between House’s atheism and the casual approach to abortion, homosexual or any non-marital sex I couldn’t keep watching it - I felt like I had to take a shower. I started watching the show for the medical content but it turned into a seedy soap opera.

I was disappointed by the episode. The whole season started out good, then Thirteen left and that awful Martha Masters showed up. Then Thirteen came back and Masters left and it got better. But the finale was LAME!

I don’t even care whether or not the beach was a hallucination. Next season will be the last and I’ll watch it just to say I did, but the show is already on a major downhill slope.

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