TV: House

So who else is anxiously awaiting the season opener for “House”?
I wish we had someone on staff at my hospital like him.

I am. It is one of my favorites. The story-line is always thought provoking.

I definitely am! DH and I watched the marathon on USA last night. He is too cool! I was surprised to find out he is British, as he has no accent! Must have had to have a coach of some kind.

Me and the misses are. Not only his he British, he’s a comedian. He’s done Blackadder, Jeeves and Worcester I seen both he’s good in them too.

Most definitely ready for the new season. It’s one of the two or three shows I watch.

I can’t wait. It’s about the only show I’ll go out of my way to watch.

house is great. but have Chase, Forman, and cameron left the show?

I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of those cliffhangers too.

I thought I had read that Chase and Cameron had married in real life?

Love House. Can’t wait.

Hopefully not. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.

Anyone know when Lost and 24 will be back?

I thought the House premiere wasn’t until next week?

I just checked their website and you are right! It is September 25:blush:

I believe that the called it off.

By the way He is in sense & sensibility too.

This is one of the few shows that I DVR since i am not normal home on tuesday nights.

Ohhh I’m not up on my rag mags I guess. hmmm. That ought to make for bad co-working experiences on the set then.

I can not believe we are going to be in England of all places when the show comes back on!! The irony is killing me. Oh well, what can you do. Guess I’ll have to get caught up on the story line from all of you when I get back! :slight_smile:

Make sure someone starts a discussion thread about the premier!


8 days and counting!

I am also eagerly awaiting the premiere of the fourth season. We have seasons 1 & 2 on DVDE and will probably buy season 3 in a few weeks. It’s a great show.

I loved him in Blackadder and the comedy series he did “Fry and Laurie”. It was great. He was also good in Sense & Sensibility and in Stuart Little.

It is also true that the girl in the show is engaged to the Aussie. Not sure if a wedding date has been set, though.

I also really like Robert Sean Leonard. He was great in Dead Poet’s Society and other movies that I’ve seen him in (but my mind is drawing a blank right now).

Anyway, I guess I like everybody in that show.


I just confirmed that their wedding was called off in August. Well, if one calls scanning the internet for “truth”.

Oh, I hadn’t heard that.

I read something about the 3 young physicians not being in the new shows.

Are we allowed to say negative things about House on this thread? Or is it strictly an applause thread?

Let me know. I’ll gladly abide by the rules, unlike Dr. House.

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