TV Infomercial Saturday 12-Sept morning

I woke up early to record some video and this joker is on TV.

It’s on my Fox feed, and his name is Charles.

In the few minutes that I caught, he equates the US and the Papacy to being two emerging super powers and that the US will support the Papacy.

search[at] is the contact address at the end of the broadcast.

There was also credits at the end linking the program to the SDAs. :shrug:

I sure hope they reached ZERO people!

This has been one of the rants of SDA since the begining.

It’s official teaching of the SDA that the Pope is the Antichrist because the Pope (they never say which) changed Saturday to Sunday, and the US is the False Prophet with her nasty old Sunday Blue Laws.

The US supporting the Papacy? Not this administration. :confused:

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