TV: Intervention on A&E

Does anyone watch this show? I do sometimes, but it can be so depressing to see how some people live their lives. :frowning:

I don't watch it so much anymore, it IS depressing, but the rudeness and manipulation of some of the people make it hard to like them, and when I see them leave or get kicked out of treatment early or only stay sober for a few months, it really ticks me off! :banghead:

I dubbed A&E the depressing channel between this and hoarders. What bothers me about that show is that usually, the intervention doesn't seem to help the people. IMO, if the show doesn't work, they should cut it off. Otherwise its exploitation.

Yes it is a sad show to watch! A good cautionary tale for anyone who is contemplating getting involved in drugs if you ask me.
I have only watched it infrequently, but I often wonder if these people aren't also spiritually oppressed. I think drugs are a huge tool of the devil to get people preoccupied and confused and away from God. I wonder if spiritual intervention and warfare would go a long way in addition to the treatment

I don’t need reality TV to turn people’s problems into entertainment for my benefit, anytime I want to get involved in these situations I have my own extended family who generously provide all the opportunities I need in one lifetime to deal with abuse, manipulation and self-destruction. When my family lets me down and acts normal for a while, there is always my parish. To intervene with people in need or in crisis on film for entertainment is to me the very worst sort of exploitation. Unless it is presented in a manner that provides help to others struggling with similar issues–and frankly that describes very few “reality” i.e. heavily scripted, shows, I will turn to real life for my own reality checks.

I watch it. In my family, we have a few people that are alcoholics and I know what some of these people are going through. What is interesting is that lately, it seems a lot of the shows are dealing with people who have an untreated mental illness first, and the addiction is really just a sidebar. I am not sure how much the show helps either, but at am assuming the rehab is free (paid by the show?). And from what I hear about some of these US treatment centers, they can cost around $40,000 for treatment!

A lot of people have also been molested early in their life... how terribly sad.

This one was my favourite show. I have to say, my DH who has never done any drugs in his entire life wanted to see what it was like trying sniffing from those office cleaners, and then all of a sudden a disclaimer came on stating that 1/4 people who tried it for the first time died from it. Yikes. I am glad they had that disclaimer! I think DH was kidding but still.

I don't really like the Hoarders show... and I didn't like Obsessed either...

Thanks for your replies. I do watch that show sometimes, too, but some of those cases are just too heartbreaking to watch. Also, it seems like so many of them relapse after getting the treatment. Intervention does seem different from other reality shows, though - I do think it does more good than harm. I think it shows the truly dark side of addiction - the pain of the addict and the family. I love the tough love approach it takes, because it seems that is what addicts need - no more enabling.

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