TV: Jane Austen fans get ready . .

I just saw a hint of what is coming up on Masterpiece Theatre Jan 13 (in my area anyway, check your local listings).

All six novels plus a drama based on her life will be broadcast as a complete collection.

That is so cool, I can’t wait. Yipee!
I’m just got into reading Bronte’s Jane Eyre and I really need more recommendations for these types of romantic novels. I was crying in the second to last episode. I’m such a whimp, lol.

Thanks for letting us know! I might have missed this and would have been very disappointed.:thumbsup:

I loved these!!!

The were on the BBC channel last year and all were on YouTube for a certain time.

Sweet!!! :smiley:

Fantastic! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve now bookmarked the schedule. :slight_smile:

Did anyone get to see the new version of “Persuasion” on PBS last night?
I was somewhat disappointed. I have an older version on tape (ca. 1995) which is much better than the one they had on last night. I don’t know why they felt they had to remake it.

I recorded it but haven’t yet watched it.

I too would have been happy with a replay of the earlier movie, but it actually was not too bad, although I picture Anne as a much stronger character than she is portrayed here, and Wentworth as a good deal handsomer. if there is an emmy in the offing for best supporting actress, Anne’s sister married to Charles Musgrove should get it, she played the part exactly as written.

I watched it today (taped). Its not my favorite Jane Austen novel but I enjoyed seeing it portratyed. MT is pretty good about period settings and costumes etc. I didn’t like how Anne kept looking at the camera before a scene change. It would have been ok once or twice but I thought it overused. I would like to see the 1995 version to compare.

Northganger Abbey is next. Anyone particularly fond of this one?

I was so excited to learn that PBS was airing all the Jane Austen novels. I watched Persuasion on Sunday, but have to say it was a bit disappointing. A local theater happens to be doing a production of Persuasion in February. It will be interesting to see what they do.

I plan on watching all of the movies, even Northanger Abbey (which is probably my least favorite novel of Austen’s, not that that means anything). I will probably end up buying them when all is said and done.

I can’t stand the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. Hours upon hours of women complaining :slight_smile:

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is an excellent Jane Austen/ Charlotte Bronte type of novel. She was a contemporary of Charlotte Bronte. There is a BBC production of this novel that is also very good.

I am looking forward to this series, even tho NA is my least favorite, next to Mansfield Park (next one after NA), and have never seen an adaptation. the latest movie version of MP was dreadful. I can’t stand Fanny Price but will watch it because it is there. Now having compiled a hard cover Jane library my next project will be looking for 19th c editions (in my dreams). DD, an English lit major, looks to be planning to name all her children after JA characters. I think the P&P with Colin Firth as the best JA version ever filmed, but I am quite happy with the 1995 Persuasion, Emma with Gwyneth, and Sense and Sensibility, which seems have made better use of Hugh Grant’s limited talents than anything else he has done. yes, girls, number me among those who judges by Jane’s male heroes.

Speaking of Hugh Grant, I always laugh when I watch S&S. He spends the entire movie walking and moving so gingerly. He looks as though he is holding in relentless gas.

YES! I watched Persuasion the other night. It was very nice. Even my DH watched it with me. :slight_smile: I just have to get my Jane Eyre out and watch that again! I am so happy these are on this winter. I also saw Emma the other night with Gweneth Paltrow (sp) and I am afraid the Materpiece Theatre doesnt look to be as good. Maybe I will be suprised when I see Emma - or so I hope.

What’s everyone’s fav Austen book?

Pride & Predjudice

I think Jane fans are second only to Shakespeare fans in enjoying critiques of dramatizations of her work, and pastiches based on it (I am a slow learner but just realized on a slow TV night last summer that Clueless is a pastiche of Emma).

I think fave after P&P is Persuasion in part because of the depth of conversations between men and women, which I would love to know are based on real relationships, or entirely her imagination.

I believe they’re showing the Emma version with Kate Beckinsale. I want to say that that was a BBC production before the Gwyneth Paltrow version (?)

Someone mentioned “Clueless” as a retelling of Emma. They even wrote on the back copy of Gwyneth’s Emma something to the effect of “The story that inspired the blockbuster hit ‘Clueless’!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I just came back to this thread. I was wondering what everyone thought of the PBS series. I have to say they are good for a beginner Jane Austin fan but watered down. I loved the one about Jane herself she had such a wonderful life but it seemed sad at the same time.

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