TV: Joan of Arcadia - thoughts?

I don’t know if anyone here has ever seen “Joan of Arcadia”. It’s a drama that was on TV a few years ago that got cancelled after its second season (but it got nominated for an Emmy). I got in a argue with a very traditionalist Catholic friend of mine who hates the way the show portrays God. I personally love the theological aspects of the show and think its great how God is shown as a kind, understanding and very funny being. The creator of the show is Catholic and she definitely puts in some Catholic undertones. I strongly recommend this show (you can rent/buy DVDs) and was wondering, if anyone on this forum has every seen it, what your thoughts are on how God is shown and the show as a whole?

While you wait for others to respond with their thoughts today, here’s what CAF members thought at the time.

We liked it.

I’m sure God (or some of His surrogates … Angels, Mary, some of the saints ) does provide guidance to folks.

God may decide to take on a visual appearance or not.

He may provide a thought … turn left or turn right.

He may guide us to make a space in heavy traffic for someone else to slide into to avoid some event that has not yet occurred.

Or, it may be the Holy Spirit providing the direction and guidance.

Or, our Guardian Angel or someone else’s Guardian Angel.

It’s a little difficult to create a television image of some kind of “divine intervention” unless the image of the Messenger is visual.

A friend of mine was in the midst of some serious family turmoil and went to a Catholic church to pray over it. He didn’t get any messages … but he was still very agitated. So he decided to go for a walk. He walked for miles in city streets. Bumped into a bag lady who was shambling down the sidewalk with her possessions. My friend walked another ten feet and stopped dead in his tracks. She had said something. It only then impinged on his consciousness. She had said, “Everything will be alright.” He turned around and she was gone.

He searched for her for a half-hour.


And you know what … everything did turn out alright. The way things turned out could not have been predicted by him or me or anyone else … took a totally different direction. With respect to family, job, career, finances … but everything turned out alright. Very well, in fact.

Was it an angel? Was it God? Or … was it just a bag lady?

My wife and I loved it.

We were really sad to see it get cancelled.

It went off the air too soon! Our whole family loved that show…my dh would make the popcorn, kids would drop everything–and we all enjoyed it together. I miss it so!:crying:

There should be a law against letting shows get cancelled with a cliffhanger ending!

We stopped everything we were doing to watch it.

I have my opinion about why they cancelled it, despite its appeal and following. :mad:

It was absolutely my favorite show on TV at that time and I was furious when they cancelled it on the pretext that it wasn’t attracting the demographics they were looking for.

Isn’t that sad? There was a show that the entire family could watch, and entire families WERE watching, but because the network wanted that time slot to attract a strong ‘teen’ viewing audience the rest of us didn’t matter.

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