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anyone watching the HBO mini-series based on historian David McCullough’s biography? have not read the book but his history of the Civil War is the definitive one, so assume his work on this era is just as sterling and reliable. Very pleased with one episode I have seen so far, and I am a stickler for historical accuracy in costumes, settings, and putting words in the mouth of historical characters. The relationship between John and Abigail seems very accurately rendered, and very good acting all around.

I have heard some great things about that show, but I don’t have HBO so I’m out of luck.



I’m out of luck too (don’t get HBO). I loved the book, so hopefully this will come out on DVD eventually. Who is in the miniseries?

I have seen all three episodes so far and they are very accurate for a miniseries. But David McCullough was actually involved with some aspects of the script, plus Tom Hanks produced it and he’s a real stickler for accuracy (i.e Band of Brothers)

I for one am enjoying it, we need more movies and miniseries on that era…maybe something on Charles Carroll of Carrollton?:thumbsup:

Great reviews, can’t wait for it to come out in DVD for those of us who don’t pay extra for HBO. :wink:

I brought several bags of books to donate to our local library last weekend, and “John Adams” was on top. The librarian immediately plucked it out of the bag and proclaimed, “We’ll not sell this one, it will go on the shelves today!”

I’m quite fond of Adams. As an amateur historian, I always find it interesting how the popular opinion of Adams and Jefferson seems to swing back and forth. One decade everyone loves Jefferson and thinks Adams is a blow-hard; the next decade, Adams is the favored founding father and Jefferson a sham. Washington, of course, is always our national hero!

I am really enjoying this miniseries.

I grew up in Weymouth, Mass., within walking distance of Abigail Adams home, and was surrounded everywhere by early American history. Paul Giamatti (whose father was President of Yale and, briefly until his death, Commission of Baseball) is a wonderful actor, and I love Laura Linney who makes a great Abigail. I think it’s amazing how they used computer generated imagery for the Boston background, some of the Paris interiors, etc. I couldn’t wait for this series and it’s lived up to expectations.

Laura Linney has been fun to watch. It is fascinating to see how Abigail stays within the bounds, but often bumps up against them, of what was seen as a woman’s role in life.

I missed the third episode, but fortunately HBO has been re-running it so I can catch it tonight. :slight_smile:

I don’t have HBO but wonder how they will portray Adams.

My mother-in-law used to say she was related to Abigail Adams.His brother sent my husband an internet link showing her grandfather married to an Adam but we never did research it.

It caused a constant war in my house. Abigail Adams was used as a poster child for the pro-abortion movement because she made some statement about “Remember the Ladies.”

It drove me nuts every time I heard her name mentioned in some article by the pro-aborts.

He has trouble showing affection to his family, and seems to have a deaf ear when it comes to hearing their need for intimacy.

He is somewhat tactless and overly serious in social and political situations. Poor Ben Franklin suffered for quite some time in his partnership with Adams, before finally undercutting Adams in Paris.

Abigail Adams was used as a poster child for the pro-abortion movement because she made some statement about “Remember the Ladies.”

I had to google for that - this is from a letter from Abigail to John Adams - March 31, 1776:

[quote=Abigail Adams]"I long to hear that you have declared an independency. And, by the way, in the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors.

    "Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands.

    "Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.

    "That your sex are naturally tyrannical is a truth so thoroughly established as to admit of no dispute; but such of you as wish to be happy willingly give up -- the harsh tide of master for the more tender and endearing one of friend.

    "Why, then, not put it out of the power of the vicious and the lawless to use us with cruelty and indignity with impunity? 

    "Men of sense in all ages abhor those customs which treat us only as the (servants) of your sex; regard us then as being placed by Providence under your protection, and in imitation of the Supreme Being make use of that power only for our happiness."


Abigail Adams was quite a forward thinker for her day from what History tells us. But if you delve into some of her other letters - steamy is a good term for them LOL.

Just added the miniseries to my “saved” list on Netflix…now have to wait for it to come out on DVD… .:thumbsup:

This is my one must-watch show of the week!

I don’t have HBO, so I, too, will be waiting for the DVD.

I love McCullough’s work, and the biography of John Adams is almost as good as his Harry Truman bio. I own both and would never dream of parting with either. As I read them, I can hear his distinctive voice.

I have really enjoyed John Adams.

I started reading 1776 and so far find it wonderful.

I think this is an excellent series.

Also if you have a chance try to get a book on the letters between Abigail and John. I have another one called “Dearest Friend” it does have some of the letters and is an easy read.

I love their relationship because they endured so much and were committed together or apart. Their relationship is an example of what a marriage commitment is all about.

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