TV: Jon & Kate + 8

Anybody see this on TLC? We dont’ have cable, but we borrowed a DVD and promptly went out and bought them all!

This couple had fertility issues and had drugs administered to stimulate her ovulation. Worked like a charm and they had twin girls. After a couple years they yearned for just one more, did another go round - and had SIX more kids! (I was worried they used IVF or some other troubling thing, but their approach was ALMOST catholic approved. I’m not sure why, but they used artificial insemination after the ovarian stimulation. That’s the only moral issue).

The show is a documentary of their family outings and struggles with everyday life. HUGE fun and very family friendly.

I thought this page could use a positive TV show recommendation! :thumbsup:

They were all conceived with IUI.

I have mixed feelings about the show, and as a result will watch it whenever I flip channels and catch an episode, but don’t usually make a point to watch it at its air time. Kate’s attitude toward Jon really grates on my nerves sometimes, and Jon too often seems to act like another kid instead of a parent. But the kids are all so cute and funny and that makes up for a lot of annoyances from their parents.

I love this show! I have been watching it for a long time. Sadly, I think the show puts more emphasis on the bad sides of Jon and Kate and doesn’t show how much they really do love and care for each other. I was really happy when they did the episode with them renewing their vows.

There is an episode in which Jon and Kate answer viewer’s questions and it explains a lot about their relationship and how the show is taped.

If you like Jon & Kate plus 8 you will love the 18 and Counting…the Duggars are a truly beautiful Christian family who are open to the will of God in all things especially their children. Its beautiful to watch!!

I liked it at first.

Now I can’t imagine why Jon hasn’t buried her in a shallow grave-- justifiable homicide, for certain.

Did you see her hissy fit when she realized the cleaning woman hadn’t dusted the baseboard behind the bookcase?

I’ve watched it, too. C’mon Sam, these are REAL people with LOTS of kids. My “other” family growing up was one with 8 kids and all the neighborhood kids to boot. Devout Catholics.
There were hissy fits and hystrionics galore from Mom as well as the kids.

I feel sorry for Jon; he seems miserable, and I understand why. Kate treats him horribly.

They live near my parents (my cousin’s seen them in traffic). DH swears that if he ever runs into John he’s going to slip him some vodka and help him escape.

That woman is NUTTY. Plus she’s mean to her kids - they really treat their daughter Maddy (who clearly is suffering from a lack of parental attention) very badly. Did you see where she had the fit when the kids spilled ice cream on themselves? I mean, hello? Isn’t that what kids DO?

I watched a few episodes and have come to the conclusion Kate is a nagging mean spirited witch. She worked at one of the local hospitals near me.

She surely has her work cut out for her!!!
I only saw two episodes for that reason…she seems negative. And over worried about her kids appearances. I realise we only see what the editors decide to show us, but if a camera were on me I probly would act different…try to be nicer.:shrug:
She does seem super organized. God bless her

I love when people try to judge Kate. Obviously you’ve never dealt with a large group of kids that age. It’s very stressful, especially when out in public. I think she handles her family great. They only show you a small peek into their lives, and mos tof the time it’s during family outings. If they were that miserable they wouldn’t continue to do that with their kids. Hypocrites.

I see a tendancy to be armchair quarterbacks. How many people on here know what it is like to have 8 kids, 6 of which came at the exact time. Yes, Kate does seem to be mean to her husband at times, but a lot of that could be editing and sometimes is good natured ribbing.

Her method of dealing with having a large number of kids is to constantly stay behind them. If you don’t you get a mess. If you have watched Little People Big World, you will see how messy their house gets and they have far less people to deal with and all of them are older.

Also you are only seeing a small portion of their life. They have said they have an agreement that the camera crew is never in the house more then a total of 3 days during a week. You are missing the other 4 days, you do not see what they are like when the cameras are off.

It is interesting to see how the different TV families cope with the cameras. Each of the TV families (the Duggars, the Rolloffs and Jon & Kate) have different methods of dealing with their families. All of them show they love each other. Now if they could get rid of the product placement it would be ideal, but I even understand that. I wouldn’t turn down free trips to Hawaii.

Objectively, I can understand certain criticisms of Kate especially. But I highly doubt I could do as well as she has in her situation, so she still gets two thumbs up from me! I’ve only got 3 kids and they are spread over 6 years and my wife and I get nuts sometimes.

Context: it isn’t just for bible study anymore!

Gee, thanks dear. [/sarcasm]

I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to comment on why we don’t always like to watch the show, lest we be labeled “hypocrites”. I’ll take it under advisement.

My understanding was that they used IUI to conceive the septuplets. I did like that they were so opposed to “terminating” though. :thumbsup:

I watch the show sometimes. While I think that having that many young kids would be incredibly trying…I have to say I don’t like all Jon and Kate’s interactions. So I like most of the show–I like the organization and how they talk about trying to not deprive their kids of experiences even though there’s so many of them–but some of the show is more an example of how I don’t want to be with my husband.

So what’s the point of even having a thread if the only thing we are allowed to post is ‘Golly I love them! Love them so much!!’?

I’m not judging how she treats the kids-- you guessed it, I don’t have sextuplets! Surprise! though it’s pretty clear that a couple of them would like a lot more attention than they get.

I AM judging how she treats her husband and others, though: relentlessly mocking, negative, nagging. She uses her struggles with the kids as a license to treat all those around her badly.

I am sure the pay is pretty good. Also, I imagine Jon leaving really isnt an option to him.

It’s not that you can’t discuss the show and what you think is good and not good about the show, but how charitable are statements like this:

“Now I can’t imagine why Jon hasn’t buried her in a shallow grave-- justifiable homicide, for certain.”

of course you are right maurader…but still Sam’s comment made me chuckle.

No, I don’t have eight kids. BUT I think that no matter how many you have, you need to treat them lovingly and respectfully. Putting them on TV, in my opinion, doesn’t meet that criteria. I don’t watch the show anymore for that reason - I think it’s exploits the kids. How would you like it, as a teen, to know that everyone in America is familiar with your potty-training accidents?!

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