TV: King of the Hill

I posted about this show in the Family guy thread but all it just seems to have done is revived the family guy posters


LOVE this show!

it has some conservative values, a (semi normal) family and very few offensive jokes

the main thing is IT IS FUNNY

anyone else out there a fan?

website (you can watch whole episodes here)


ps yes this show was created by mike judge of beavis and butthead fame, which had it’s moments but also the awesome office space!

All I have seen is the previews and commercials for it. And That was more than enough for me. Just within that short span of time I saw the Church being bashed, God made out to be a Joke!, and lower family values than ‘Married w/ Children’. There are better things to watch( not much!). Better to pray a Rosary w/ your family if you want to be a Family Guy.

Coming Home are you referring to Family Guy or King of the Hill?

I’m a liberal but I love King of the Hill - no one else finds it funny! It’s just so simply ironic - i like Family Guy to an extent, but it’s too in your face. King of the Hill is just hilarious.

I Love King of the Hill! Sometimes the subject matter is a bit tasteless. I definitely don’t watch it with the kids around. But it is nowhere near as raunchy as Family Guy. I cannot believe the things I have seen in just the few minutes I have watched!

yay to all the KOTH fans :smiley:

yes it can get tasteless once in awhile but imo it is even tamer than the simpsons and still funny :thumbsup:

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