TV: Kings

Anyone watch it? What do you think?


I watched it and found it to be very engaging. The Biblical references just kept coming and I was surprised at how in depth it actually went. The writing was top notch and the action scenes were intense. Ian McShane was great as King Silas.

I was going to blow it off until I heard that they were going to retell the account of David in a modern day setting and that it would be as close to the Bible as possible.

You’re 100% correct about the effects, especially the city of Shiloh.


Wow, I watched it for a few minutes and turned it off. Some guy drove his car into a garage and said, “It used to go and now it doesn’t”. The “mechanic” put a piece of duct tape on a hose and the car started itself! Apparently the tape fixed it and the car knew it was fixed and started!

That was too much for me. :confused:

Haven’t watched it yet, but as soon as I heard it was a modernized and mildly science-fictionalized version of 1 and 2 Samuel, I was immediately twigged by it. It’s the kind of thing I’m more likely to watch online when I get an hour to kill.

Its only SF in that it is an alternate universe. Oh, you will need 2 hours for the premiere episode, Goliath. Its my understanding that 13 episodes have been produced so even if NBC cancels it will probably show up on DVD soon.

Mm, hence why I called it “mildly science-fictionalized”. Funny thing about sci-fi is that most people who aren’t heavily into it think that the label applies merely to Star Wars or Star Trek-type stuff, but when you’re as into sci-fi as much as I got into it, you discover the term is an umbrella for all kinds of speculative fiction, up to and including alternate history or alternate universe-type stuff.

That was interesting, wasn’t it? I did watch all of it and thought it was good. I will probably continue to watch it. I like Ian McShane and the character he plays.


I didn’t watch the premiere, hadn’t even heard of it because I don’t watch much tv. But I fell into it tonight and it blew me away. I had to go to the website to see what is was. Pretty amazing! Very interesting dialogue, too. Wonderful actors, great music. (Does anyone remember that Ian McShane played Judas in the miniseries Jesus of Nazareth?) If the series continues in this vein and with this quality, they’ve got another regular viewer.

I just discovered that Francis Lawrence, whom I suspect is Catholic (his past two major movies, “Constantine” and “I Am Legend” had strong if not always completely overt Catholic elements), is one of the directors on this series. My curiosity is piqued tenfold.

It really was excellent. I saw the previews and my curiosity was piqued; I thought this Sunday’s episode even improved on the pilot. However, like most television with a hint of depth, the ratings were abysmal and it will take a lot to save this show. I’m encouraging all of my friends to watch, as it is really impressive.

I love the quasi- Shakespeare/KJV dialogue and the world-building the writers have done. Ian McShane steals pretty much every scene he is in, and most of all I enjoy how the idea of God is treated straightforwardly without secular sneering or saccharine piety.

I didn’t see the premiere and didn’t notice any mention of God in the show on Sunday, but it wasn’t quiet around me so I probably missed it.
I was completely surprised and delighted with the diologue; when was the last time you heard someone say “in all haste”? I think you can watch the first show on the website and hope to have time soon. It’s a shame; I can’t see this show lasting unless it finds a way to incorporate Obama in a talk show or maybe lady mud-wrestlers. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the series as long as it can hold out.

Well keep watching it. He still IS great as King Silas. It’s a series.

Wow…are you as critical of the more secular shows you watch? If you don’t watch much TV, more power to you, but people who watch TV need to watch Kings. We’re only going to receive offensive programming if people of faith only watch -]c**p/-] like Grey’s Anatomy, Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives…

And people who watch movies need to patronize the good, overtly Christian films: Bella, The Passion, even Fireproof. There are more on the way. Everyone, if you saw Watchmen or any number of movies and didn’t see Fireproof and Bella, you have it BACKWARDS.

Kings may yet disappoint us as Christians, I don’t know much about it, but so far it’s very good. Watch online and rate it at

The problem with movies like Bella and Fireproof is that they’re just boring. When it comes to movies/TV it doesn’t matter how good the morals are if they story is bad/boring/uninteresting. Thankfully, Kings is good in every regard so far.

Did you see Bella and Fireproof? I’ll accept that you felt that way about those movies if you saw them. Having seen them, I disagree that they’re boring, but am willing to accept the opinion of someone who saw them.

I haven’t seen “Bella” yet, but friends who have said it seemed to be trying too hard to be a “good Christian movie”.

Just watched the pilot episode of “Kings” and I am blown away by it: strong writing, great acting, awesome visuals (I love the naturalistic lighting that still manages to have great contrasts between light and shadows, which is something Francis Lawrence seems to do in all his work). The first half, the characters seem like Very Nice people… but then in the second half, their dark sides start to peek out (things like one character’s second family hidden in the shadows of his much more public one, and a reference to another character’s skirt-chasing which is a cover for “what (he) and his boys do after hours…”). And I love how well they handle this: it’s dark enough to keep the series from getting saccharine, but it’s handled in a very PG way. And that’s something films and TV shows need in spades these days.

After its failure in the ratings against repeats on Saturday the 18th NBC pulled the show. They say they will bring it bacjk in the summer repeat season to finish its run of 13 episodes. However if they won’t show it on Saturdays which are all repeats now why bring it back? I guess we just wait for the DVD set.

That’s a real shame. Kings isn’t my favorite show, but I really appreciate it for not being objectionable. It does have some immoral characters but their behavior is portrayed as disordered and for the most part the writings shows that it’s important to follow God’s will.

I’m going to pay the show a complement. Prepare to measure what it evokes in your thoughts. I think that one of the many positive aspects of Kings is that it’s mostly “clean”. What does that evoke for you? Does that immediately lower your expectations for a show? I think that for many people, it does.

Oh, I’m so disappointed to hear that it was pulled but was afraid it would happen. In its time slot I’d only been able to see a little of it and from what I saw, I thought it was the best thing on tv. I thought the writing was incredible and was looking forward to seeing more of it. Guess I’ll wait for the DVD’s now.

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