TV: "Knight Rider"

Knight Rider,
I’m watching this show because I loved it as a kid growing up. A car that can talk will get the attention of any male between the ages of 8 and 31. I can guarantee that. Well - Within the first 5 minutes of the NEW knight rider series: 1. The new David Hasselhoff character is waking up in bed with two girls. 2. This cool surfer girl that lives on the beach is a lesbian police officer.

I might add that two girls in bed & a cool lesbian police officer is attention grabbing as well. Not for the right reasons and I feel sorry for the kids that will see this and think that this is acceptable behavior.

I used to like the movie also when I was 7/8 years old. But then I only remember the watch, the car and David. H haha…
When I tried to watch it again recently, I realized that I dislike the quality and didn’t watch the series.

I also liked McGuyver.

The new movie wasn’t that good. And I was not happy about those first two opening scenes. It’s stuff like that, the cop waking up with a girl in her bed, that keep making their ways into our culture in an effort to say “it’s okay, cool people on tv do it.”

The scenes you mention were completely gratuitious. This is when I turned it off and walked away in disgust. I have no intention to watch it again.

They lost a prospective viewer of their intended male demographic.

And don’t forget that the girl in the bed asks the cop if she’s worried or not leaving someone she “just met” alone in her house.
Morals aside, it added NOTHING to do the story, nor did closeups of the cop showering on the beach in her bikini add to the story, either.

BTW, not that it would have made it any better, but I don’t think the lesbian scene was added as a pro-gay message. Instead, I think they just knew guys would be watching the show and would think it was “hot.”

I think the scene where Mike is in bed with two girls was supposed to demonstrate that the guy was a slacker/jerk who only cared about himself and having fun (before becoming the unlikely hero as the movie progresses).

Although I am a child of the 80’s, I was never a fan of Knight Rider. I did meet a German girl and pretended to be a David Hasselhoff fan for a laugh and a few weeks later I received a best of David Hasselhoff cd in the mail, that she bought for me in Germany. I guess she took me serious. Can David Hasselhoff actually fill best of cd with ten or so songs?

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