TV: Law &order SVU - Episode On Gay Parenting

Who Saw The Episode LAST NIGHT ON USA Where A Child Of Two Lesbians Was In A Catholic School And Attacked A Boy Who Teased Her With Scissors And The Boy Would Never Walk Again? The Whole Episode Was Slanted About Gay Rights To Parent And Everyone Else Are Just Homophobes.
I Like That Show Generally But Last Night Had Me Majorly Upset.

  1. Catholics Portrayed As A Bunch Of Homophobes.
  2. Gays Can Be Equally Good Parents
  3. The Poor Child In The Middle Of That Mess
  4. Catholic Priests Portrayed As Weaklings

The Whole Episode Was Disgusting As It Blatantly Pushed The Gay Agenda.
Anyone Wanna Comment?

You don’t need to cap every word in your sentences you know.

But I do agree with you.

I’ve found that the original L&O as well as SVU definately have a far left agenda in most of their episodes (I haven’t really watched Criminal Intent, so I can’t speak to that show). Abortion and gay “rights” are a given, and the only good Catholics are dissenting Catholics. The last new L&O I watched was a thinly veiled “Wal-Mart is evil” plot-the store in the show was called “Savingsmart”, but you knew they were talking about Wal-Mart! (and I don’t like Wal-Mart either, but it seems every show anymore has a political slant to it). I cringe when they do a show that specifically about the Church. I pretty much don’t even watch anymore, unless there’s nothing else on. My favorite detective/crime shows now are “Monk” and “Psych” (also on USA). I’ve never seen anything offensive in either of them (unless you consider that the lead character in Psych is constantly lying about being a psychic, but that’s the shows whole premise, and what makes it funny).

In Christ,



I remember the Law and Order where it shows the happy abortionist, kissing his wife and child goodbye in the morning, the sun is shining, all is good… until psycho Christian guy pulls a gun!

I don’t watch that show anymore. Just get netflix and reclaim your television set.

Yeah, Ellen…I’ve definitely found the same to be true, myself. Monk is definitely good/clean fun, with no hidden agendas.

I think Tony Shalhoub is a wonderful actor as well…I love that quirkiness-edge that he brings to the character!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the the guy who plays Dr. Huang was involved in writing that episode. He is himself a gay parent and has written a book to help other gay parents.

I love him as an actor, but can’t agree with his agenda.

I also love Law & Order in all its incarnations, even though the occasional show is offensive. Honestly, I have seen only a few that had an obvious left-wing agenda. I can ignore those in favor of the overall quality of the series.

I also can’t agree with him adding one dot to his own name to write his character’s name.

See, Wong (King) is 王, Huang (Jade) is 玉. That’s just laziness.

But I’m getting annoyed with Criminal Intent’s latest season being much more political–and also less intelligent. Frequently CI, the thinking man’s L&O, used to have the perps be people who it’s not okay to have be criminals, like deaf people or gay activists or single moms. In other words, the writers were thinking, like few writers do other than those who write House. But CI’s last season, after the move to USA, was just as PC as SVU, which I’m amazed is not a Lifetime series, what with the three-minutes-hate bestowed on one of the Left’s boogeymen in each episode.

And the move couldn’t be responsible–NBC owns both stations.

I completely agree with you.

I have a confession to make. I love Law and Order. I have seen this episode many a time, and others that are offensive. But that’s not all to the story.

Remember Fred Dalton Thompson? He is the District Attorney, Arthur Branch. Thompson definitely is no liberal.

There is also a show that slams homosexual activists, and in SVU - though I find objectionable material - often times highlights serious problems in society, such as child pornography, prostitution, the sex slave trade.

As far B.D. Wong being a homosexual, that does not surprise me. He always seemed to be a little effeminate.

Law and Order tackles many a topic that is controversial.

But you do make a point, and I am going to pray about continuing to watch this program, although it is one of my favorite shows (lets just say I have a personal reason for this).

God bless,

Peter Rowe
Tiber Swim Team, Class of 99/00.\

It’s a tv show. TV, movies, newsmedia, are all controlled by people with agendas to make homosexuality, gay parents, any liberal idea seem normal. So of course they’re going to use these forms of media to push that agenda. The only problem I see is, why aren’t catholics doing the same thing?

I’ve seen that episode. I laughed in disgust when the practicing sodomites claimed to be “devout Catholics”, and yet they were having lesbian sex and suing the Church for its God-given doctrine.

The Whole Episode Was Disgusting As It Blatantly Pushed The Gay Agenda.
Anyone Wanna Comment?**

Yes, Maria Rose. Please tell me just what IS the “gay agenda” and where I can find it.

I’ve asked my gay friends about it, and they have no clue.

Also, do NOT capitalize every word. Besides being non-standard English, it makes what you say hard to read.

I am sorry my writing style bothered you. That can easily be fixed.
As to The Gay Agenda it was very obvious. Let me spell it out for you and your buddies:

  1. Homosexuality must be accepted no matter what.
  2. Gay parents are equally good for a child than hetero parents
  3. Any belief contrary to that automatically makes you a homophobe
  4. Laws always have to be on the side of gays and lesbians
  5. any crime perpetrated on a homosexual is automatically a “hate” crime (what a laugh,like other crimes don’t involve hate)
  6. Society must be forced kicking and screaming to accept this agenda.

Get it now? Any further discussion wanted? Bring it on!

How very well said, Maria. I am not a homophobe (whatever that is), but I do object having their agenda and lifestyle shoved down my throat. And also being criticized for publicly objecting to it.

Okay, I have a guy on eBay who types like this. Is this a style or a reading aid? I have been dying of curiousity!

no just an idiosyncracy.

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