TV: Law & Order SVU

*So, what do you think thus far? I really enjoy this show, but there’s something, I can’t put my finger on it…but it used to flow, the script/conversation between the actors. This new season almost seems too rehearsed, or something…like the actor is just waiting for the other actor to get his/her line out, and then bam, jumps in with a witty quip. I mean, people in ‘real life’ don’t go back and forth quite like that, so it seems forced. I love Stabler and Benson…I like the plots, different. I like the guest stars, good acting. But, there is something, not sure that has me not willing to give this new season (yet) a 10.

Thoughts? (I give it a 7.5 on scale from 1 to 10)*

*No one here likes L&O??? :eek: LOL Come on, now. *

I agree - it’s been different this season. I can’t put my finger on it either though.

*Hi Jenn;

Would you say the characters seem arrogant? It seems like they are overacting…not sure. :confused: I will give it a chance, as I like both the main characters/actors. Did you see the last episode where Stabler spends time in solitary confinement?*

I guess arrogant would be a way to put it. I do remember reading that they were both pushing for more $$$ per episode, so I wonder if all that has something to do with it.

And I did see that. To me, that just wasn’t “real” enough. I mean, sure, I can get the going nuts after being in solitary for a while, but his 3 days were hardly enough to make him that nuts, kwim?

True. Having been exposed to sleep deprivation torture I can tell you that by day 3 you are confused and disoriented, but nothing like what Elliot was showing.

I think that the writers may have been going for an ‘edgier’ feel this season but I’m not sure it is working. It feels ‘fakier’ even though I realize that it is not a word.

This is one of my favorite shows. Let’s see, in this episode, will Stabler get shot, stabbed, beat up, run over by a car, or my favorite, thrown off of a building. I do like the characters (except for the new DA), please bring back Alex. I ll watch it a bit closer and see if the Actors seem to be running through their lines or not…

I also liked Alex and Casey somewhat, but the new ada leaves me a bit cold. Perhaps she’ll grow on me.

*Yes, it feels fake…or something. Trying too hard to be edgy. Benson has a permanent frown…and chip on her shoulder that is almost too much this season. But, it’s still good…I like the twists. Anyone watch tonight? I didn’t understand…so, the DA basically was an alcoholic also, and that is why she seemed so defensive with regards to the defendant? I thought that was odd. Kind of predictable, when she was in the bar scene. *

I was in and out of the room last night, so only caught bits and pieces of the show. So the defendant got off due to a technicality, but did kill that girl? Why did he kill her? Did alcohol make him do it?

I saw the part where the DA came into the courtroom drunk (that was a bit over the top I thought). Then Benson has to test her right there? Right?

Bring back Alex…now there’s a chance…

For some reason whenever I see it in writing, my mind reverses the letters and I see Law & Order: *SUV *and I think of big clunky sports utility vehicles fighting crime :confused:

*I think that he did kill the girl, but the blame was on alcohol…so alcohol/drunkenness makes someone grab a knife, and commit murder? I thought it was a strange show last night, but as always a twist.

There was an episode, maybe it was part of last night’s? I watch their reruns a lot…and they showed a girl walking approaching people outside of an abortion clinic, handing out fliers…and sometimes the show does edgy things like this…but it usually implies that abortion is a-ok, because it’s ‘constitutional.’ One of the interrogators (ICE-T?) says to the potential perp in one scene…‘so do you believe in pro choice, or no choice?’ :rolleyes: Honestly, is that how some see it? How about you have a choice to not have sex, there is where choice enters in. That scene troubled me, because the show seemed to lean towards defending abortion, instead of being prolife. Elliot Stabler, one of the detectives, is supposed to be Catholic, and he defended being prolife, but it was very fleeting. I can’t remember if that was a rerun or last night’s episode, my husband and kids were all talking to me at once while I was trying to watch the show! :D*


That bit at the abortion clinic was from last night, it was designed to make the anti-abortion protester out to be a loony. The actual best line from that scene was when they brush her off after the clinic is egged and she says ‘glad you care so much about chicken fetuses’

The guy did kill the woman with a hammer, she happened to be an abortion doctor. Anti abortion people were made out to be crazed psychopaths. It is even implied that the drunk guy killed her because she was an abortionist.

I’m a fan of the show, but last night was to twisted to be truly enjoyable. But it does appear that a new ADA is about to arrive.

Thanks… what was the relationship between the woman who was killed and the guy who killed her? Still seemed a bit far fetched he went crazy because he was drunk?

They met in a bar and went back to his place to have consensual sex and then at some point he goes off and kills her. They had no relationship prior to meeting in the bar.


I like the show, but I don’t like the pro-abortion view point that I see so often on this show.

Actually, the show last night was supposed to be about the dangers of alcoholic blackouts. They really blew it in my opinion precisely because they went off on an unrelated and unneeded pro-abortion tangent.

I had an alcoholic blackout once and I remember NOTHING about what I did. It was beyond scary.

Me neither. And in one of the episodes Benson talks about how her mother became a drunk because she was raped, and was forced to have her (Benson) I’m assuming, and so her viewpoint on the show, is that girls who are raped shouldn’t be forced to have their babies. The majority…the vast majority, of women who are getting abortions, are not raped. Second, there is this assumption that babies are only valuable if the ‘‘mother’’ wanted to get pregnant. I agree, it’s a sad agenda that is woven in…I do like however, that they provide some balance with Stabler being a prolife Catholic. Not many prime time shows that depict any positive Catholics, to that point is refreshing. :o*

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