TV: Law& Order

It’s over, L&O has had it.
They should have gotten somebody new to replace Arthur Branch instead of promoting Jack McCoy.
I don’t like his replacement who’s even worse than he was – is it supposed to be ironic that McCoy now has a McCoy on acid to manage? The guy looks like he should be on medication. In one of last night’s episodes he told the cops to go ahead and enter a a suspect’s store after a judge had refused to sign a warrant. Cops & DAs will certainly lie and cheat to get a warrant, but they know that any evidence they get without one is worthless.

Did it ever occur to the writers to promote Rubirosa into McCoy’s spot? Or would a smart, competent, classy, perfectly sane woman be too dull?

I wasn’t crazy about Cassidy (easy as she is to look at) but I hope Lupo is very temporary. O to have Det. Fontana back!

At least Lt van Buren seems secure in her job.

I totally agree. Thank God for cable, reruns and DVD’s of past seasons.:shrug:

That’s funny. I watched a LaO rerun last night where Branch told McCoy that he was a good prosecutor, but he’d never be a DA. Haven’t seen any of the current season, myself; I don’t watch network TV (except for the football games).


“The Shield” is so much better.


you all watch law and order?:eek: c’mon friends. That show is bad.

“Any trend to produce programmes and products – including animated films and video games – which in the name of entertainment exalt violence and portray anti-social behaviour or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion,” the pope said.

Come on friends lets not watch that show. haha
Just trying to help out now;)

How do you figure? It seems to me that a show about putting murderers in prison does anything but “exalt violence.”

well I say one about special victims unit. I dont think it was christian.
I really dont watch it that much. but I assumed that all of them were like SVU

SVU shows the evils of those particular crimes and the fine line the police and DA walk in order to stop those criminals.

I like the original Law & Order the best, but it’s clearly in the final season. Detective Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach, was my favorite character.

Me too! and after him Det. Fontana played by Dennis Farina.
I also liked Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy, now on Crossing Jordan) better than any of McCoy’s subsequent assistants.

I thought Carey Lowell and Angie Harmon were the best of McCoy’s assistants.

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