TV: Legend of the Seeker

I was wondering if anyone here is watching Legend of the Seeker. It’s a TV show based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. I’ve been watching the show every week and so far, they’re following the books rather closely (granted, I’ve only read the first one, but I can tell even from their treatment of the first book.). The series focuses on a man named Richard, who has been chosen to wield the Sword of Truth. He is accompanied by a cynical wizard named Zedd and a woman named Kahlan, who is the Mother Confessor. (she has the ablity to make people fall in love with her by touching them. However, this “love” is really more like slavery) If you like Arthurian-style stories, this is definitely worth a look.

I’ve seen quite a few episodes, and I’ve read all the books. Toward the end of the series it just starts to drag though! It’s been a while since I read the first book, so I certainly don’t remember everything in it, but watching the show it just seems they are taking a lot of liberties with the storyline. I was considering reading through it again just to see though. One thing I don’t like about the show is, I don’t think they picked a good Richard! That is definitely not how I pictured him while reading the book. He just looks too wimpy :smiley:

I read the series too…and enjoyed them very much. In the books Darken Rahl is Richard’s father…in the TV series, he’s his brother. I’ve watched the TV series a few times…but the books are better.

I agree…toward the end of the series it does begin to drag…and just when I thought I was going to quit the book I was reading…it picked up…all in all the series was great…the TV series…so-so.

Ha! Thank you for that. I had thought their relationship in the series was different than the books and you just confirmed it without me having to go back and read up to it again : ) :thumbsup:

Yes, In the books Darken Rahl raped Richard’s mother…Zedd’s daughter…Zedd and one of the sisters of the Light hid Richard with his foster parents, the Cypher’s, beyond the boundary where there was little or no magic out of the reach of Darken Rahl. Khalen crossed the boundary to find the Seeker.

I really like the show, better than zena and hercules, like 100 times better!:thumbsup:

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