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This is one of my favorite shows, easily one of the most positive families on tv. Any one else here watch? How crazy was that accident that jacob had in the last episode? I hope he is all healed up. I can’t wait for the premiere tonight.

My wife and I started watching during Christmas break last year, and caught all of the previous season’s episodes in re-runs. It is one of the two shows we always watch (along with MythBusters), and we can’t wait for tonight’s season premiere. We’ve been interested in what happened to Jacob ever since we saw that horrific accident last season.

My wife and I have been active in disabilities advocacy and support groups for autism in past years, so there are a lot of parallels to our life in the challenges faced by the Roloff family. What’s more, it is easily the most positive portrayal of family life anywhere on television.

I watched some of the marathon last night…and I’ve watched it before…the kids are always getting into something!

Yes, they are :slight_smile: My brothers and I were the same way growing up!

See, we dwarfs are just plain amazing. Of course, we do not all own pumpkin farms :smiley:

(The resident Catholic with Dwarfism) - Kage

I love that show! We watched a bunch of the episodes last night (we just restarted our dish network account after moving and waiting a while, so we had to catch up.)

I did a google on the accident and it looks like both Jacob and Mike received fairly minor injuries - stitches for Mike and a dime-sized bruise on Jacob’s head which required some “procedure to relieve swelling and avoid infection.” Minor…considering the 2,000 pound weight fell off the trebechet. :eek:

We have four kids - our oldest is the same age as the twins and our second oldest is Molly’s age. We can relate big time! (even though we don’t have a farm) Additionally, I grew up with a brother who has a birth defect. The stares and reaction by other people are very familiar. I am thankful that the show is there, so people can understand the blessings we all bring to our communities.

The episode with the dwarf child who was adopted after spending his first 5-years of life in a hospital was really touching. I hope “Grandma” Nelly stays in his life somehow.

I have yet to bump into Amy or Matt, but my friends in Banks, OR have…they live near the same area.

I agree… that episode was probably the most impactful of all the ones I’ve seen so far. “Grandma” is a very special lady!

If I heard correctly, she volunteered their “daily.” That is some serious volunteer work!

btw…I agree with your earlier assessment - “easily the most positive portrayal of family life anywhere on television.” and would add “warts and all.” :slight_smile:

Indeed… “warts and all.”

My wife and I have found ourselves falling into the trap of questioning the parenting techniques of the Roloffs. But when you look at the types of problems they have - children who are occasionally lazy and disrespectful - if that’s the worst of it, they’re doing an excellent job! They’re not hanging with the wrong friends, or getting involved in dangerous or explicity immoral activities, so obviously they’re not doing too bad of a job with 'em!

When I remember myself at the same age as their older kids, I would’ve HATED having a camera crew film my every move. I wonder how the kids are coping with it in reality.

That’s what makes the show great. It is a source of discussion topics for my wife and I (we have similar styles to Amy/Matt) and the kids. We were laughing at the procrastination on their chores during one of the episodes and comparing it to similar episodes in our household.

Yeah, at the end of the day, the kids really do seem to be good kids. I’m curious how they deal with the celebrity of the whole thing, now that they’ve been on for a couple season people must have a pretty idea who they are and i’d guess that can be challenging

I like that show too but since DH owns the remote in this house, I don’t get to see it very often. I missed “the accident”. What happened?

Fortunately, everything turned out OK. Mike (Matt’s business partner) was banged up a bit, and had some gashes on his head, and Jacob had to have surgery to remove a fragment of bone from his brain, which was a little bruised from the impact. As far as I could tell from the episodes that aired last night, there’s no lasting damage from the accident - praised be Jesus Christ!

I was really impressed by the strength of the Roloff family thoughout this ordeal. Matt’s parents - everyone should be blessed with grandparents like them - stayed with the kids while he and Amy stayed at the hospital during Jacob’s surgery, and they cared for Mike back to the farm for a few days while he recovered, since he doesn’t have any family close by. They showed Amy with a small group of people praying over Jacob while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Throughout the series, I’ve been impressed by the depth of the Roloff’s committment to Christ.

And BTW, I’m the husband, and usually have control of the remote in our house, and I won’t allow anyone to get between me and this show. Fortunately, we have DISH Network with a DVR, so we can record it and watch after the kids are in bed, so we’ve not missed an episode yet.

I can honestly say that because of this show my eyes are opened to the plight of little people. I didn’t realize the word “midget” was so offensive and have changed my language accordingly. I also have noticed things like high shelves, check out counters in grocery stores, and other obstacles that can frustrate little people. This family is amazing and is an awesome example of a strong, Christian Family, God bless them. I love the diligence of Matt. He has so many disabilities but has accomplished so much.

It is sad how little people are ridiculed and mistreated in the media. I have noticed that regular sized people don’t take them seriously and think of them as a cute oddity. The Roloffs were on the Today show recently and he made a comment that it is still acceptable to make fun of little people…I think Catholics can definitely relate to that comment.

I really enjoy this show. It’s nice to see a normal family that loves each other on TV, without all the drama and anger. They just seem like such nice people!

I really enjoy this show. It’s nice to see a normal family that loves each other on TV, without all the drama and anger. They just seem like such nice people!

I really enjoy this show. It’s nice to see a normal family that loves each other on TV, without all the drama and anger. They just seem like such nice people!

I love this show. I have been following in for awhile. I had to DVR the premire last night. I love the fact that this family doesn’t just sit back and wait for someone to make a change in the world. Instead they try to change the world. By showing how dwarfts live and excel in society they are doing a wonderful deed. It was so sad to see that yound dwarft was left in the hospital for so long but i love the fact that he is going to be adopted by a couple that loves him. His smile was so beautiful! I think their kids are just being kids.

I love this show too. While Matt is a great salesman - he could sell ice to eskimos, I also think he would be a great motivational speaker - in any field!!

me and my mom are addicted to that show, and i do wonder if jacob is alright i hope he is !:yup:

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