TV: "Lockup"

They show this on MSNBC lately at night, and it’s also on the new Investigation Discovery (ID) channel. They go behind bars and document prison life. It’s fascinating, imo, and I can’t get enough of it.

The other night I was watching an episode which included an interview with a guy on death row in Utah for killing a few people. His murders were somewhat gruesome in nature. The interview focused on the aspect that this fellow had found God and Jesus in jail and was now a converted christian. Etc.

At one point in the interview, the guy says he can die knowing that God will forgive him and that he hoped he could go to heaven. Although his theology was obviously protestant in nature, the whole ‘saved’ and ‘born again’ bit, I didn’t think he was off base in stating this. God does forgive, and we know he is a merciful God and wants to forgive us, if we do repent. I can’t speak to the status of his salvation, that’s God’s decision. But I agree with him that we can ask, and get, mercy from God and forgiveness.

The interviewer was amazed that this guy could believe that he would be forgiven of his sins by God. She went on for a few minutes asking the guy if he really believed he would be forgiven for his sins. I was interested, a little saddened, to see that this woman couldn’t or wouldn’t accept that. I think that it is unfortunate that she didn’t understand the depth and breadth of God’s mercy. And what saddens me more is that many people, including many christians, don’t understand this either. And that this tv show was putting across this message that this guy was off base in thinking God would forgive him.

IMO, we have replaced the idea of justice and vengance with the idea of God’s mercy in this country. There is a difference. God is forgiving and merciful.

I saw this program too.

Personally I thought it was funny when they interviewed the Satanist prisoner. He was bragging all about his “religion” and everything…but when they asked him to quote…he couldn’t!! He was speechless.

What a tool.:smiley:

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