TV: 'LOST season 4'

The 4th season of Lost is almost here :smiley: First episode airs Thursday January 31st on ABC and I cant wait. the second half of last season was phenomonal, and I hope this season raises the bar.

It’s about time! :bounce: I’m looking forward to it also, but I’m not as into it as I once was. The hiatus was too long, it’s like they’re just trying to drag it out as long as possible, knowing that they have to wrap it up sooner or later.

In the meantime, Heroes became my new favorite show. too bad the writer’s strike has cut short that series 2nd season. At least by starting late, Lost may not be too badly affected by the strike, so far anyway. They have 8 episodes ready, I understand, and if it doesn’t settle soon, that may be all we get this season.:shrug:

theres no hiatus this year, 16 episodes straight, no breaks. Lost is only doing 3 more seasons including this one so season 6 will be the last one. I have to admit, like you, that the show has not captivated me as it once did. I loved seasons 1&2, but 3 did get good towards the end.

As long as my hero John Locke survives Ill be happy :smiley:

Yes, I hope we get all 16 episodes, as I said, if the strike settles. I meant the break between seasons was too long. But once it comes back on, I’m sure I’ll get back into it, as long as they keep the momentum going.

yayyy i can’t wait!!
i love jack :slight_smile:

I LOVE LOST too!!! :bounce: I’m so excited for its return! :extrahappy:

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(Now, keep in mind, it’s not a Catholic or Christian site, so there’s a lot of garbage on it – you just have to ignore a lot of that stuff, and try to combat it with the good (without LOST being on, people sure do get bored and come up with ridiculous stuff). That’s why I said we feel like we’re almost doing missionary work – shining God’s light where it pretty much wouldn’t be. :wink: )

Is all that for sure? (Jan 31st, 8 episodes).

Last I heard was that they had 6 ready before the strike and they weren’t sure whether they were going to play them or not because after all the complaining of episode, 3 weeks, episode, etc, they’re committed to playing them all in a row.

So I heard that it was up to the abc head cheese to decide whether they were going to play the 6 and then wait or wait until all 16 (or whatever the number is) is ready.


I heard that Lost had 8 episodes “in the can”. So, that’s 2 months of new material while everyone else is showing reruns, Lost’s ratings are going to be HUGE.

I can’t wait. 4 more weeks.

At least I can start catching up on Heroes now, I got season 1 for Christmas.

:extrahappy: :bounce: :extrahappy: :bounce: :extrahappy: :bounce:

Everybody ready for tonight? :smiley:

I will be working during the show, but will be recording it (:blush with the VCR, no cable) and will watch it maybe tonight after work.

As a newcomer to LOST (started watching in Season 3) I cannot wait! I have it marked on the calendar.

I don’t have cable either – too rural! :rolleyes:

I’ve been watching it since the beginning, and it just keeps getting better!! :smiley: We’re blessed to have all three seasons on DVD – you should look into renting them if you can so you can get the full experience! :smiley:

That is what I have been told. I need to do that sometime in the near future, trouble is finding them time to actually watch them. :shrug:

Oh no, I lose the TV to my daughter once a week again.


Sorry! Maybe you can get into it and watch it with her. :smiley:

I don’t know. From her description, it sounds like a pretty complicated plot. It’s probably not wise for me to just jump in after missing so many episodes.

Yes, it would be better to start at the beginning – quite an undertaking at this point, but if you have the time and interest, totally worth it. :thumbsup: :smiley:

(I’m a die-hard fan, can you tell? :p)

I live with one:D

I’m stoked. :smiley:

We watched the season 3 special finale last night. Actually we taped it and watched it after it was over (can you say tired?!). It was interesting with the subtitles. They were kinda hard to watch AND watch what was going on at the same time. The easter egg info was neat.

It’s funny that the opening see, it says right in the subtitle that it’s a flash forward - but that was one of the ‘oh my goodness’-moments last year at the end when you put it together.

Unfortunately after such a late night last night, I’ll probably watch it tomorrow.

I know they say it only has three more years but that is sooooo long. I’m hopelessly hooked. So only six people get off the island? Hugo, Jack & Kate–any guesses on the other three.

It was great to see Lost finally back after so long! It looks like it’s off to good start… I would think that Bernard and Rose are two of the other three, because they were all for following Jack. Not sure who the last one is.

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