TV: Lost - Season 5

Starts tomorrow night! Yay!

Ill be watching solely because Ive watched up until now. I am hoping it gets better since the last few seasons have been lacking.

Glad to see this thread started already. :slight_smile:

I would humbly ask that people please post “Spoiler Alert” at the beginning of your post if you’re commenting on specific parts of newly aired episodes. We’re not all in the same time zone and some of us record it and watch it later. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I am stoked! I can’t wait!

i just realized ill probably miss it tonight, going to RCIA. I guess ill download it tomorrow morning.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I can’t wait! :popcorn:


Not here in the UK until Sunday though :eek:

You poor guys! :console:

I guess you could watch it Thursday on, right?

you can always download it early.

Where does one begin to discuss what we witnessed tonite?!?!

Do it here. Just put a spoiler alert and several spaces so if someone wants to skip over it, they can.


Can’t access abc, nbc etc’s online service if you’re not in the US!
I could download it or stream it off some site, but I’ll wait till sunday, if I can!

A good question. This thread is to discuss season 5 of LOST. Viewers who haven’t seen the show enter the thread at their own risk of having the show spoiled for them. Others might want a brief recap before viewing the show. It is up to the member entering the thread to decide.

Everyone else, discuss away :thumbsup:

OK, anybody?

I’ve read some speculation that all the events we’ve seen on past seasons may have been results of this time-travel thing currently going on.

For instance, this could’ve been the “incident” that made the station where Desmond had to press the button necessary.

Perhaps, one of the “Losties” was responsible for the killing of the members of the ship at the Black Rock (Danielle Rousseau’s team).

Perhaps, the statue of the four-toed foot is a depiction of one of the “Losties” as the native people probably thought he was some supernatural being due to the time-travel.

I don’t really think the Locke being dead part is that significant. Either, he purposely got bitten by the venomous spider that caused Nikki and Paulo to appear dead or he will come back to life when he gets back to the island.

I watched that one-hour recap episode before the series premiere (I thought the actual premiere was going to start at 8) and the creators hinted that Ben Linus is evil/someone not to be trusted. I’m wondering what he has to gain by bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the island.

Also, I got a funny feeling about Sun in this episode for some reason. The way she talked to Kate sounded a little malicious and her meeting with Charles Widmore was a bit suspect. I remember Jack mentioned that he and the other survivors weren’t friends anymore, so maybe there was a fallout.

I didn’t think about the spider bite with Locke thingy. That’s a good thought right there. Although, Ben did put him in a meat locker to keep.

I actually had a class that night so I didn’t get to watch it :frowning:

But at the moment I am re-watching the last episode of season 4 and hope to watch the beginning of season 5 later today on :smiley:

Glad to see some more Lost fans!

My predictions:

  1. We will find out Juliet and Sawyer are “Adam and Eve” at the caves!
  2. Locke’s mom left the island when she found out she was pregnant, to avoid whatever it is that kills pregnant mothers on the island
  3. The “incident” is caused by Daniel, and whatever it is he’s up to by traveling in time

One thing bothers me though: The people that end up traveling through time, yet others are stagnant, and then only certain objects, like the life boat, yet the other stuff on the island changes with each jump or whatever it’s doing. I just hope they come up with a good explanation for it all.

I think Daniel has something to do with the incident. Maybe he’s the one who figured out that they needed to build that station to press the button to prevent them from transporting to another time every 108 minutes.

Yeah, sounds like a good theory to me! :thumbsup:
Not pushing the button caused the first purple flash which alerted those guys working for Penny, which she knew about because it alerted her father who sent the mercenaries. In that way it certainly has seemed to cause the “end of the world”, at least as the island people know it. They still had to turn the wheel thingy to get the island moving though. :hmmm: Daniel might well have created the button, but maybe not to directly stop it from transporting, just part of his scheme to “change time” and ultimately save the island. Maybe originally, he caused the whole mess to get the girl (Charlotte). Could explain why he seems to have so much guilt over everything, and why he is so adamant about no one else, like Sawyer, trying to change time. He’s figured out the hard way that it’s bad news.
That show just gets in the head! :smiley: :wink:

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