TV: Lost

Probably one of the best shows on TV, in my opinion. Some of you may not like it, since several of the main characters are Catholic and they occasionally do some decidedly un-Catholic things (like abusing drugs, stealing, killing 3 people in a church, etc.), but the whole point of the show is that all the characters have something in their pasts that they’re trying to escape or recieve forgiveness for. And some of the aforementioned characters reform their lives as a result of their experiences.

The show is about a group of people flying from Sydney to LA, but crash 1,000 miles off course on a remote Pacific island. Their new home holds many mysteries and dangers, and as time progresses, the plot thickens … and thickens … and thickens.

The show’s characters come from all races and religions. The best Catholic on the show is Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, who won the lottery off the island, but it brought him nothing but bad luck.

I recomend the show to anyone, but be warned: you WILL get addicted.

Sounds interesting, but can you tell me what channel it is on?
I rarely watch ABC, NBS, CBS. How long a show is it? Can
we catch up on past shows anywhere? If so, should we watch
back shows first? Or just start watching?

Ugh I was sooooo addicted to it!

I was obsessed when it was on channel 4 for the 1st series, then Sky bought it, which I don’t have :frowning:

So I missed LOADS then decided to catch up on-line, but decided with about 5 series available, I had A LOT of catching up to do…

So gave up :smiley:

I heard america were about 3 seasons infront of us …


Sounds interesting, but can you tell me what channel it is on?
I rarely watch ABC, NBS, CBS. How long a show is it? Can
we catch up on past shows anywhere? If so, should we watch
back shows first? Or just start watching?

As I mentioned before, the show has an extremely intricate plot. Lost is entering into is 5th season in January, and if you started watching the new episodes then, you’d be, well … lost.

I’d suggest watching the previous seasons on DVD if you can. You can also watch full length episodes on has ALL the seasons and ALL the episodes! :thumbsup: Watch it and then watch season 5 in Jan!

I’m very excited for thenew season. I saw a “trailer” the other day and I was all giddy!

So, do you think the island is purgatory??

I think the show jumped the shark with the arrival of the ship off the coast of the island

Well, some people consider season four to be the best one since season one. To me, the arrival of the freighter folk was a welcome change.

So, do you think the island is purgatory??

The writers say it isn’t. If it isn’t a literal one, you could see it as a figurative purgatory.

I think the arrival of the ship and the rescue is where it was supposed to be. They have 2 more seasons left (5 and 6), then that is the end. There were only supposed to be 5 total, but with the writer strike the seasons were cut shorter than normal.

I like the rescue, but now they all HAVE to go back to the Island. I think Season 6 will end with them all living on the island with “The Others”, all trying to protect it as Ben once did.

I hope Ben gets to go back as well, I really liked Ben! He is one of my favorite characters!

Ben is a very admirable person. It was necessary, I am sure for him to gas to death a few dozen people who didn’t agree with the way he wanted to run the island.

And of course we have an invisible man that lives in a shack in the jungle, a monster that used to keep people out of the jungle but seems to have disappeared and various and other sundry plot lines that seem to be as lost as a people on the island are.

It was one of my favorite shows for the first three and half seasons but in my opinion they have run out of ideas and descended into silliness.

I love the show. It is the only TV show I actually love. I am counting down the days to the season premiere! :smiley:

I’m afraid they’ve ‘Lost’ their way. They’ve just let mystery pile on mystery and have reached a point where no rational explanation is possible. I can’t even keep track of all the mysteries we’re supposedly waiting to see resolved…

First it was
***‘Look! A polar bear!’***,
and the audience goes 'Cool! What’s he doing in the tropics?'
Instead of an answer, we got ’Over there! Smoke Monster!'
’Neat, what’s that all about?'
Then it was ***'Mysterious Others! Miraculous Mystery Healings! Scary babies of Mystery! Underground Mystery bases! Pre-natal mysterious diseases to which Aussie Hotties are mysteriously Immune! Magic Numbers! Mystery enemies! Mysterious Ferral French women of mystery! Mysteriously Missing Children! Radio mysteriosity! Mysterious Others other than the other mysterians! ***Then we learned that time passes more quickly on the island [meaning the guys who go home should be decades older for every month they’ve been gone, and Kate should look like Bea Arthur by now…] and it all got to be a bit too much: The sun rises and sets there every couple hours in ‘real’ time? Sorry, can’t keep suspending my disbelief anymore.

They have some great actors and interesting characters. And the way it’s crafted, the flashbacks that teach us who these people have been, who they are becoming-- great concept, great writing. But I doubt I’ll be watching when they come back: I just feel like they’ve cheated once too often.

If only they’d committed to a two season show with an actual linear plot, begining, middle and end-- it could have gone down in history. Now its just going down…

I think the problem is they didnt think it was going to last this long. They are obviously now just making it up as they go along. There is no way they can tie up all the loose ends they have left dangling over the last 5 years. I think they are hoping we will forget them

I agree with you. I think the episode with Desmond going back and forth in time, where he insured Penny would call him on the freighter, was brilliant. Desmond’s and Penny’s storyline has been one of my favorites all along.

I watched the season finale of season 1 the other day…that was great TV. The what-they-thought-would-be rescue moment was just so triumphant. You were so happy for them. Then, of course, Walt was snatched has to be one of the most terrifying moments on TV. Tom with the beard…totally creepy.

I will never understand the bashers of this show. Why can’t they just enjoy it for what it is, while it lasts, and not worry where the writers are going. It’s not our jobs as viewers to worry about where the writers are going. This is just for entertainment.

I totally agree. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Yeah, there’s question upon mystery upon myster upon question. But if I’m reading a book I don’t jump to the end to understand everything.

Now if they’d end the show tomorrow without the questions being answered, that’d be a different story. Until then though, it’s been a sweet ride!

Season 1 was by far the best storyline. It has definitely gone downhill from there, but has that made me stop watching? Not a chance. I watch very little TV (in fact I watch it online anyway, not actual TV), but I’ve gotten so invested by now, I have to find out how it ends!

(And I’m still mad they killed off Charlie and Mr. Eko–they were my 2 favorite characters! :mad: )

LOST is still one of the best shows on television, but don’t knock those who knock it.

The show has moments of brilliance—many of them, in fact. But they created so many loose ends for so long that it has them scrambling to make some of those ends meet.
[hilarious post Sam]

I know several people who were big LOST fans who flat-out refuse to watch the show now because they feel they were played for suckers. I still eagerly watch, but I don’t blame them in the least for feelng that way.

The show was instantly likable and interesting, but as time wore on, it became painfully and disapointingly obvious that they had been tossing up mysteries to see what would stick, with only a vague idea about how to resolve them–which makes viewers feel like suckers when they realize it.

Without going over all the storylines, it is clear to me that they
1) had a vague but workable idea where they were going at first
2) ended up having no clue what the plan was
3) have finally settled on an overarching storyline from which to work.
4) This storyline is not what they originally had in mind.

As I said before, the show has always had it’s brilliant moments. Now that they have figured out where they are headed—which gives them stability-----I fully expect the show to be very, very good from here on out.

For the person who asked about starting to watch the show:
Whatever you do----only watch it from the very beginning. Even though the show can be occasionally maddening, if you watch it from the beginning it is really quite good. Plus, you have the benefit of not having had to wait for 8 months for another episode which is what all of us had to do to get yet-another-cliff-hanger solved. (Often poorly solved, it must be admitted, but I still watch).

I was so addicted to it but I really don’t care about it any more. They got off the island and it went off the air for several months. I’ll probably watch the 1st of the new season anyway.

Just give me HERO’s and Chuck.

I have it All figured out. When the waves from the machine hit the plane it compressed them into a drop of snot which ended up in Britney Spears nose . Time was also speeded up for the survivors so in reality it has really only been about a minute and a half since the accident. The smoke monster was Kfed blowing cigar smoke up her nose which is making her getting ready to sneeze which will quickly end the show.

Hope someone from the production team sees this: it’s far more plausible than anything the writers are apt to come up with.:thumbsup:

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