TV: Mad Men

Does anyone watch this show? I think I might be obsessed; I actually get excited on the weekends knowing that I’ll have a new episode on Sunday. I think it’s a great character study. It’s an aesthetically pleasing show as well. Just all around very well done.

It’s been exceptional from the first episode. As witnessed by the number of Emmys.

Yes, I watch the show. I think it was a big leap for Betty to have gained weight. How the make-up artists did that is amazing. She’s a cold fish and I never could understand how Don was attracted to her in the first place. Don’s womanizing was disgusting and I was getting tired of it. I don’t know why we don’t hear more about the female copy exec.'s out of wedlock child that, supposedly, is being raised by her Mom. That part of the story was conveniently dropped. Nor is there any explanation of whatever happened to the gay writer who left the firm. I’m enjoying this season’s episodes.

“We’re at a place where the idea of being ‘elite’ is somehow considered negative,” he tells the April issue of Elle UK. “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated.”

The “Mad Men” actor added that these days, “being a[n] (censored by me) idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly. … It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me."

He’s observant but I wonder if he will follow through on that observation and come to the correct conclusion as to the clause.

I know! I’m always hoping that Sal Romano will make a little re-appearance just to let everyone know he’s okay, but it’s not really in the style of the show. As for Betty, yes, she is a character everyone loves to hate. I get so angry when she is mean to her kids. One thing I liked about Meagan Draper at the end of the fourth season was how well she treated the kids. I actually quite like Meagan so far. I thought that Peggy gave her kid with Pete up for adoption. This season has been great so far. I love the subtlety of the show. It’s always a highlight of my week. What do you think of Pete overall? I flip flop, but he ends up doing things that make me dislike him. He’s a well written and acted character though.

Pete? I want to use the word swarmy but it implies he’s dirty in appearance. He isn’t. He thinks he deserves more and is self destructive.

All on the show are licentious including the women. Joan has cuckold her husband with whom she is presently in the process of separating. Rodger Sterling is her child’s father.

Peggy the Catholic had a child with Pete and, apparently without any second thoughts, either is having the child raised by her Mom or has put the child up for adoption. Peggy is a cold cookie. I find Joan warmer.

Betty is a cold fish and except for being really pretty, what’s she got? She’s mean to her kids, competes with her 12 yr. old daughter over the affection of a 12 year old boy and is not above having casual sex with an unknown male she found in a bar in the bar’s bathroom.

Don, having taken another man’s identity in Korea, should be more cautious in his daily life. He isn’t. I saw no sexual tension between he and Megan but having observed this woman, almost 20 years his junior, interact with his kids, he marries her. No woman in her right mind would have put up with that sexual exhibition at her spouse’s birthday party. Then she tells him he can’t have her because he’s too old. And how long is this marriage suppose to last? There are times when Don’s character nails the ambitious exec and then descends into looking like a total inane hick. He should be a much more cautious person considering his secrets. And his secrets were such that he denied his own brother to the point the man committed suicide. Does he have feelings for anyone? Why not?

The only one who seems content is the guy who writes on the side.

Rodger, having suffered a couple of heart attacks, a divorce, alienation from his kids, remarriage that is not working, should be due for an epiphany of sorts. I’m thinking he’ll realize he wants Joan and his son. He finally gets a good marriage and should he die, Joan, an astute woman, takes over his position and provides a place for their kid.

I believe Pete knows he had a child by Peggy. I find it rather extreme that we’re made to believe that seeing each other on a daily basis isn’t a reminder of their child.

I watch the first 3 seasons as I wanted to see how the advertising agencies of the 60’s were portrayed in New York. I knew of a company exactly like this but most companies that employed women were very professional and fraternizing with anyone would have been looked down on. Today in the business world, it is also very professional but still people cheat on wives and husbands.( They make a connection with the invention of the birth control pill and moral changes.)

It was really interesting as to how advertising became such a big influence on the culture and how the power brokers such as the smoking industry kept denying that cigarettes were dangerous to health.

Also the new product lines were helpful in viewing how they were first came about and how they were market hence how Peggy came to be so important because she understood woman in a male advertising agency.

PBS has a documentary about the first two women,Elena Rubenstein and Elisabeth Arden(before Estee Lauder,
Mabeline, Cover Girl,Clinique,Avon , Mary Kay) who made in small amounts and then marketed makeup as prior to this makeup for women was seen as only for prostitutes. They had to transcend that image and make a new image so women would buy their products.

I liked Betty in the first year and really felt that she deserved better. Don was going out all the time and she was left at home and really trying to make her marriage work and to the point where she felt she was getting no attention from him at all.

I wish the writers had stayed with that script instead of making her into a cold person.

I think somewhere in the series it was mentioned that the female exec;s baby was adopted, not sure when I heard that. And Betty (in real life) had a baby (whom she refused to reveal the father). I think that perhaps the scenes where she had gained so much weight was when she was pregnant. A few tops on her almost looked like maternity clothes too. I guess I am hooked on the series too unless it shows too much sex like it did in a few previous seasons. I think all and all so far it’s been pretty tame, but I’m thinking that Don and his current wife will eventually split. Anyone out there know why she’s a copywriter now? I know before their marriage she was Don’s secretary,

It’s always been marketed as a show about selfobsorbed people living for themselves and that sort of soap opera type of genre has never appealed to me so I avoid it.

I don’t like Pete. He’s too plasticky and reminds me of a cyborg. I liked it when he got beat up by Lane.

I can’t get enough of it. It’s quite different from anything else on television. I’m really enjoying Season 5.

I have mixed feelings about almost all the characters. Few of them are completely likable or unlikable, and it works. There have been times when I have felt sympathetic to the travails of Pete Campbell, but the episode in which Lane cleaned his clock was not one of them.

My least favorite character until last night’s episode was Meghan, but now I find I’m beginning to warm to her. I think she’s a prototypical “modern” woman a la Mary Tyler Moore, whereas previously I thought she was just Don’s version of Roger’s second wife Jane, i.e. a trophy wife.

Last night’s episode was awesome. The Pete/Lane fight from the previous week was ridiculous in a good way haha. I’m also wondering if Don and Megan will split eventually, but so far I like her character. She’s pretty strong-willed I think.

Well, that’s hardly an indicator of anything.

Pete is a slimy character to me. He knows a little about Don’s past (shown last season when he opened a package that was addressed to Don) so just waiting for him to blackmail him with the info. Also got Peggy pregnant and he plays around too much. And I did like Lane beating up on him, it’s about time.

All in all though I think he plays the character well. Hope he is a nice guy in reality.

Pete’s problem is he doesn’t know how to enjoy life. His greatest ambition is to be Don Draper, which he’ll never do. I have felt sorry for him in the past for the way the senior partners fail to give him the respect he earns by working hard and bringing in clients. The last few episodes he appears to be attempting aggressively to rectify that, however.

I almost feel at times that I would like Pete if I knew him in real life. He’s so preppy yet insecure.

If Don gets a divorce then that’ll be his third divorce. Roger’s already on his third. These guys just can’t just can’t stick to one person.

How good was last night’s episode? This show is top-notch. Oh man, I think I am obsessed.

Peggy’s Mom got the best line, “I’m taking my cake because I’m not celebrating you shacking up.” or words to that effect. Peggy’s making it in a man’s world. I find it out of character that she would not have spoken up for what she wanted…marriage…considering she’s already been burned having a child out of wedlock.

Don’s daughter walking in on Rodger and Don’s MIL. What does the director tell the young actress about what’s the character is witnessing? I feel involved in putting a kid in that position by watching the show. The kid could have gotten the same message by seeing them flirt or kiss.

Joan, for all of her actions, wants the white picket fence. I think, as Peggy’s friend, she would not have encouraged the moving-in. Society wasn’t moving that quickly for a wanna be to risk all by shacking up.

Rodger’s ex is now transformed into a cougar. She was a stiff woman of her time who did lunch. Now this?

Meghan realizes she can’t get the credit in her husband’s company and will more on.

To be honest, I thought it was a bit less interesting than the previous two episodes. A lot of the conflict seemed contrived to me. It’s not obvious to me why we should find Meghan’s father’s hang-ups so compelling, for example. And was Peggy really surprised by her mother’s reaction to her announcement that her boyfriend is moving in? Her mother has always been old-school – and Catholic. I’m glad the Heinz people finally got what they wanted, because that story line was beginning to wear out its welcome.

Of course, I would still rather watch a mediocre episode of this show than a good episode of just about any other show.

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